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Movable Type Monday: AssetGallery, Google Wave, SmartTrim, and More

Movable Type Monday: AssetGallery, Google Wave, SmartTrim, and More

Happy Monday, folks! This week, we have a handful of new, newly revived, and yet-to-be-released plugins to tell you about. Let’s start with the newly revived AssetGallery. Originally created by Six Apart, it is now being maintained by Endevver Consulting. This release updates the photo gallery plugin to use the latest plugin architecture and fixes the bugs that kept it from working with Movable Type 4.2.

For those that didn’t know, Endevver Consulting is made up of two long-time MT developers: Jay Allen and Byrne Reese. Byrne has been busy this week. Besides AssetGallery, he also released CacheManager. This plugin helps you manage your template module cache, by allowing you to view what’s been cached and clear it out.

And we have one more from Byrne. AutoPrefs allows theme developers to include blog preferences in their themes. This allows themes to do powerful things, like set the default archive type or interact with other plugins via their preferences. This seems very useful for theme designers, since it allows them more control over the environment where their themes run. I wonder, though, how willing users will be to give themes that much control.

François Nonnenmacher has written SmartTrim, a text modifier that offers an alternative to the built-in trimming tools. It lets you set a character limit for the trimmed text, but it’s careful not to break in the middle of a word. You can also specify an ending string like an ellipsis.

Finally, Mark Carey shows us a test post that could eventually be a plugin for embedding Google Wave in MT entries. The idea is that a wave could be used for real-time discussions about an entry. Good to see somebody playing with this. Wave is an interesting technology, and I think there’s a lot of places — not just comments — where it could be useful in MT.

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Speaking of Google Wave: I’d like to experiment with using Wave to gather news for this blog post each week. If you’re interested and you have a Wave account, email me and put “Movable Wave” in the subject line.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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