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Movable Type Monday: Benchmarks, Importing, Forums, and More

Movable Type Monday: Benchmarks, Importing, Forums, and More

Happy Monday, folks! For this week’s Movable Type news, let’s start out with some benchmarking. Alwyn Botha tested 2,200 websites to compare load times of various CMS applications. There’s a lot of data to sift through there, but overall Movable Type did very well, averaging the fastest load time of the systems tested. Alwyn attributes this to the static publishing system that is commonly used by MT sites.

Does fast page loading convince you to switch over to MT? If so, check out the blog conversion tools found by Technology Bites. They provide conversion between several popular blogging applications. You can download these open source tools, or use them from one of the Google App Engine sites that host them.

For users of MT-Notifier, Chad Everett has instructions to keep it from sending old entry notifications. This can happen because of changes between the older versions of MT-Notifier and the latest. Chad explains the problem well, and provides a simple solution.

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Finally, I wanted to point out a few of the more interesting discussions in the Movable Type community forums:

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  • Wow, Mr Billy Mabray is fast.

    I submitted my website suggestion just hours ago.

    I was busy fixing validation errors on the page when I noticed the link from BlogHerald.

    This is my first blog comment EVER.

    This is also the first link to my first ever blog website.

    Thanks Mr Mabray

  • Billy,

    This has been discussed somewhat on the MTOS mailing list if you’re interested in taking a look. It’s under the “Comparison of CMS of page load times” topic.

    Disclaimer: I’m am critical of it and a participant in that discussion.

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