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Movable Type Monday: Comment Flag, Breadcrumbs, Catalyst, and More

Movable Type Monday: Comment Flag, Breadcrumbs, Catalyst, and More

Happy Monday, folks! It’s November, which means the release of Movable Type 5 is just around the corner. We should be seeing a release candidate build soon. Until then, let’s take a look at some plugins, themes, and cool tricks for the existing verison.

First, Mike T. from Code Monkey Ramblings has a new MT theme: Dark Marble. Based on a WordPress theme by the same name, Mike says he should have a version that supports the professional website templates soon.

Mike also has two new plugins. Comment Flag lets users report comments to you via email. The plugin uses jQuery so that the interaction is seamless for the user.

Mike’s other new plugin is Executable File Filter. It checks whether uploaded files are executable binaries or PHP scripts and renames them so they can’t be run.

Besides plugins, we also have a few tutorials to share. Beau Smith wrote a post on how to create an advanced breadcrumb navigation. Beau uses the function argument of the var tag to add and remove breadcrumb locations in an array. I have to admit, I was unfamiliar with this functionality. It’s features like this that bring MT close to being its own programming language.

For those of you that blog from your mobile phones, Jenifer Hanen explains how to change the directory where photos are uploaded. Apparently, the Atom Protocol service — which is often used by mobile client applications — in MT can only handle uploading to the main blog directory. Follow Jenifer’s instructions and you’ll be able to upload to any directory you like.

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Finally, Jason Hunter has just released the code he uses to run MT under the Catalyst MVC framework. Jason explained how he did it several months ago, but just recently put the code on Github.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Man, I really dropped the ball. A week went by and I didn’t release anything. Well, for next week then:

    * New chapters added to the designer guide on github.

    * Asset Gallery 1.1 will soon be released – which contains major UI enhancements and a pure-jQuery UI.

  • I miss MT. It can’t really keep up with WP now for community, plugins and community support. I run MT for a blog I don’t update often. One great thing I did notice was how really simple it was to load it up and start blogging. Far less complicated than WP or any other CMS I have tried.

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