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Movable Type Monday: Image Gallery, REST API, Pagination

Movable Type Monday: Image Gallery, REST API, Pagination

Happy Monday, folks! I get the sense the Movable Type community is in full-on development mode right now. In the past week I’ve seen new developer documentation, proposals for MTOS, and work on a REST API. Not much has been released, though, so I think people still have their heads buried deep into code. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what everyone’s working, but for now there are a few interesting new things to discuss.

Image Gallery

Mike T. has a new Image Gallery plugin that allows you to add an image gallery to a blog post. Mike’s examples on his site look great, and the ability to build a gallery on the fly when you write your post seems handy.


Six Apart’s Byrne Reese has made several updates to the developer documentation over the past week. This is an area that’s been lacking in the past, so these new and updated docs are a welcome site for MT programmers. Some of the updated documentation includes:

REST API Framework

Mark Paschal announced on the MTOS-dev mailing list that he’s working on a REST API for MT using Atompub services. I’m a big fan of RESTful web services, so I think this will be great for interacting with your blog via client applications and other web services. Mark has set up a github repository for those wanting to try it out.

Penelope Proposal

Tim Appnel released his proposal for a roadmap toward better integrating Movable Type into the open source community. His proposal includes, “…breaking out piece of existing functionality into subprojects that can be submitted to CPAN, refactoring and replacing redundant functionality with existing CPAN libraries and finally a ground up build of the core MTOS engine using this integrated and modularized approach.” An interesting read for those concerned with the future direction of MTOS.

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Finally, Toni Hambilton published some tips on doing pagination in MT. Toni tests a variety of methods and gives some thoughts on each.

What have you done with Movable Type lately? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Great to see MT Monday! Even better to see the MT community ramping up. Glad I made the choice to go with MT for our site. What have I done with MT? Very simple stuff… nothing fancy. I was just happy to get the dynamic folder navigation working :)

  • MT Monday is great. Thanks for contributing this to the community.

    What is your sense about the buy in from the community, especially from SixApart, on Penelope? I am really in favor of this initiative, but I wonder if SixApart is on board. Is Tim Appnel at SixApart? Without their buy-in, will this proposal go anywhere do you think?

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