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Movable Type Monday: Version Announcement, Twitter Comments, Custom Styles, and More

Movable Type Monday: Version Announcement, Twitter Comments, Custom Styles, and More

Happy Monday, folks! Sorry for the lack of updates last week — I was out of town and didn’t make it back in time for Movable Type Monday. Which was a shame, since we got a couple of pieces of really exciting news. First, the beta for MT 4.3 has begun. A few of the new features include:

  • Entry Pagination via MT-Search
  • Clone a Blog’s Structure Without the Content
  • Comment Pagination
  • Per Entry Asset Management

Plus lots of bug fixes. The new asset management is what interests me the most — it means the end of the awful form tags currently used to associate an image with an entry. If you’re the beta type, download and try it today.

Six Apart also announced plans for MT 5. Though very little info has been released at this point, a Google translation of a 6A Japan page hints at things like theme sharing and version control.

Now for some plugin updates. First, Mark Carey released an update for the Twitter Commenters plugin. This updates fixes an OAuth bug.

Also, Rob Kenny has a beta of a new version of his HashTag plugin. The beta version adds support for scheduled posts.

We also have a couple of tutorials this week. Beau Smith wrote a post about adding custom styles to an individual entry. Beau uses a rather clever combination of MT template tags and PHP to call a custom CSS file for a particular entry. This is especially handy for adding styles during holidays.

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Finally, Horst Prillinger describes how to add Dublin Core metadata to blog entries. For those looking to make their blog as semantic as possible, this is very useful.

What have you done with MT this week? Let us know in the comments.

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