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My Blog Survey Results: A New Found Focus

My Blog Survey Results: A New Found Focus

A few weeks ago I mentioned a desire to have a reader’s survey for my blog, Webomatica. I did so, using the survey plug-in Survey Fly. The results are already guiding my blogging in 2008.

The general trend: Readers wanted me to concentrate on the subjects I already cover: technology, movies, and music. They also wanted to see more one-panel comics.

I also had an idea to start a two new blogs – one about cats and the other about geek frugality. Both were with overwhelming disinterest.

While I initially questioned the survey results, I’ve already found using them as a guide has given my blogging a renewed focus. I decided to drop several ideas I had played around with in 2007, namely food reviews and podcasts. By focusing on only three subjects, I’m less distracted by extraneous ideas that I may have written a one-off post about in the past.

I also set up a blogging schedule that has certain subjects appearing on particular days of the week, allowing me to build up a library of posts in advance. Movie and music reviews are less time sensitive so I am using that as a foundation, and sprinkling more time-sensitive technology news throughout.

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So far, only two weeks into 2008, I can’t definitively say that I’ve gained new readers or increased traffic, but blogging has definitely been easier, and more fun. I feel confident that I’m writing articles my readers will find interesting, and that will result in more readers over time.

Now my only challenge is to maintain this focus through yet another year of blogging!

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  • Survey Fly is a great plugin – I used it for a survey last year and it is very user-friendly and full of options. Glad the survey was useful to you.

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