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New Advertising Service from Performancing and Splashpress

New Advertising Service from Performancing and Splashpress

PerformancingAdsIf you are a reader of Performancing you might have already seen the announcement last night of the new Performancing Ads service.

Some highlights:

  • Open to all publishers big and small
  • Book your own ads for free
  • Gain free traffic through the “exchange” program
  • Recurring commission from affiliate referral program
  • and of course buy and sell ads!

If you have a space in your blog then this is at least well worth a try. In fact as a publisher I much prefer these sorts of ads over Adsense and I will tell you why…

What advice do you get when you ask how to make more than a few pennies from Adsense?

  • Put your ads right in your content
  • Blend the color and format to match your content
  • Put the ads where visitors will click anyway by mistake (navigation, sidebar)
  • .. etc etc

Basically, Adsense encourages you to be abusive to your visitors, or at least encourages you to drive your visitors away via your Ads  (you only get paid when you send visitors away).

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With weekly or monthly paid banners you do not need to do these kinds of things and you get paid for having an engaged audience of the correct demographic, not for efficiently driving people away. Adsense promotes a high bounce rate, Performancing Ads promotes having an audience.

If you want to make money while growing your audience, reason to me to try Performancing Ads out.

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