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New Media or Re-Inventing the Wheel?

New Media or Re-Inventing the Wheel?


Four years ago people were claiming within a few years blogs were going to replace marketing, replace news papers, and possibly be the end of radio and television too. Today the same prediction is being made.

Why does blogging need to be a revolution? Can’t we all just get along? :)

The idea I guess is that

old = broken

and by extension

new = awesome

That’s great but all the people who are banging this particular drum are trying to turn this new media into the old media, delivered in a new way.

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YouTube = Television
Podcasts = Talk Radio
Pandora/ = Music Radio
Digg = News Paper
Blogs = Editorial

Personally, I think the new media folks can learn a lot from the old media people. Unfortunately the citizen journalist versus the mainstream old media guard is so cliched a battle I think some people really do believe in it.

The fact is none of us know where any of this is going, but it will be fun finding out. In the mean time let’s enjoy the media of our choice and put the boxing gloves away, eh? :)

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  • I completely agree with that sentiment.

    New media channels are a very important part of my company’s marketing tool kit and I think that if a company fails to embrace new media then they are definitely missing a trick.

    But that doesn’t mean that new media has replace our use of traditional media channels because I’ve heard a rumour that there is still a whole world out there beyond this computer screen…

  • Item 1:
    It used to be said that those who fail to learn from the past are destined to repeat it.

    Item 2:
    Today, it would appear that those who are utterly clueless about the past have a strong desire to dismiss it.

    Item 3:
    See Item #1

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