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Ni Hao! The Blog Herald China Launches!

Ni Hao! The Blog Herald China Launches!

We here at the Blog Herald always look for ways to reach out to more people. Last March we launched the Blog Herald Japan. Considering that English may not exactly be the most prevalent language in the blogosphere today, I think it was a good move. According to Technorati, Japanese language blogs account for 37% of posts, while English comes at a close second at 36%.

Our sister site, 901am, also launched its own Japanese edition based on the same premise. What’s great is that both Japanese versions are humanly translated, so the context is not lost in machine-translation, which tends to be too literal.

But what about the other 27%? We thought it was worth our while to expand into even more markets. Third biggest in terms of language is Chinese, at about 8% (I think the Chinese market is potentially bigger than the 8% estimated by Technorati, though). So the next logical move would be to open an edition in Chinese.

With this we are proud to announce the launch of the Blog Herald China Edition.

Similar to Blog Herald Japan, the China edition is humanly translated into Mandarin. We hand-picked featured columns for translation to be sure we reach the intended market with content that is relevant to them, and that is timeless. These include tips and tutorials on better blogging, blog monetization, and taking advantage of social media, among others.

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We started translated our archives dating back to Splashpress Media’s acquisition of the Blog Herald, and translation into Mandarin by our in-house translator is an ongoing activity. The China edition uses the same theme as the English, but modified a bit given the difference how Chinese characters appear onscreen. We are still doing some tweaks and optimizations and are yet uploading some of the more recent articles, so please bear with us. We target to catch up with current posting soon.

With this development, we are also considering creating original content in Mandarin. We have already started posting China-specific articles, care of a contributor based in mainland China, and we intend to keep this up, perhaps taking in other contributors to help out.

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  • I’d be interested to hear if anyone has an opinion on what the next language edition of BH should be- French, Spanish…? Also, I know that Alexa isn’t the greatest measurement of success, but it has 12% of all users now going to the BH Japan edition.

  • It’s good for most of the Chinese bloggers.As I know,there are not many blogs blogging on blogging tips and so on.

  • J. Angelo Racoma ?my name is Yingjie Zeng,???? is my blog name:) it means blog union.Some of my blog readers noted that the chinese version has some spelling mistakes,such as “??????”——it should be “??????”:(

  • Spanish would be my next choice, if I were in charge. It’s a HUGE community and blogging is very hot in Spain as well as within the United States Latino community and other Spanish speaking countries.

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