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Northern Voice: Questions about Problogging

Northern Voice: Questions about Problogging

I just came back from the Northern Voice conference in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, and on the first day I held a session about being a full time blogger. Amazingly, three dozen people showed up to listen, and had many questions about getting involved with a blog network, or making it to a full time income on their own.

With so many resources in the blogosphere, I thought that everyone knew everything they needed to know.

For learning about blogging, we have, for finding a blog related job, we have Freelance Writing Jobs, and for learning monetization, we have John Chow, so why were there so many questions?

It seems that misinformation is one of the biggest issues, as well as feeling like probloggers are holding back the best secrets for themselves. Bloggers also seemed confused over the different advertising programs, and the business model surrounding bloggers and blog networks.

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I really enjoyed talking at the Northern Voice conference, and felt like my session was well received. I tried to answer every question I could, and I hope to recount some of what I said on the Blog Herald as I have time.

If you are a blogger looking to go full time, either through your own blogs, or thanks to a blog network, what are your biggest questions?

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  • How many hits do you have to have before the ads on your site start making a significant money (e.g. $2000 a month)?

    I have about 900 subscribers, with about 500 hits a day. Google adsense didn’t do much for me. Do you recommend any better alternatives? Thanks,


  • Another aspect is each problogger you talk to has a different story and different ideas on what should be done.

    For example Darren’s advice is not the same as what John preaches. This causes confusion for those who want instant answers.

  • I agree, there’s a lot of information out there. I think it’s best to read each blog for research purposes and try to draw one’s own conclusions.

    The biggest question my readers have is where to find blogging jobs? And what are tips to set you apart from the rest when applying for blogging jobs?

    Thanks for the mention.

    – Deb

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