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Overheard on Twitter . . . the New Entertainment?

Overheard on Twitter . . . the New Entertainment?

When Twitter first came on the scene, I shook my head and wondered? Some folks are still wondering while others are tweeting, twitting, and twading, oops sorry, trading not so secret secrets there.

Last night I stopped by Twitter while I’m in D.C. working. I heard a twit or two about not mentioning I was in town earlier. . . . I’m a Twitter beginner. But Twitter has become so much more than a record of who’s tying their shoes or where they’re tying them. If you’re still thinking that, you’re missing a dynamic culture. The Twitter I see is busy folks who like to check in with each other to crack a joke, share a fact or ask a question . . . or entertain each other.

Some do it solely for scalable communication. They drop links and mention folks to get their attention. Note this twit by a popular A-List blogger.

If I want to get a hold of Mike Arrington, for instance, i know that writing a Tweet about him will get his attention far faster than email. . . .

Basically this is my gesture to the world: I am not answering my email and I’m not going to start. I’m overloaded. Tweet me.

I can trade remarks with people I couldn’t hope to meet otherwise.

Questions get asked and answered.

Question of the day: Are you persistent enough to get what you want/need?


no I’m not.

[not all answers included here.]

Many thanks to everybody who have answered the “question of the day”
Pithy observations remind us of what counts.

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Some questions are about finding help or expertise. In the last hour, two have been about available jobs. Two have pointed to blog posts — which might make you worry about irrelevant spamming. Yet I’ve never seen it in the group that I follow.

Some tweets are simple observations.

One user report is more valuable than 1,000 expert opinions.

From the Twitter dictionary to the twittersearch, people are finding little ways to innovate on this microblogging platform. Keep the people straight reading twitopera, the Twitter Tabloid about the Twitterati.

140 characters can take many shapes — most of them are clever, informative, or relational. The biggest mistake you might make would be to assume that only twits are twittering.

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  • The 140-character limit has its advantages and disadvantages. Makes you write direct-to-the-point. But it’s a bit limited if you have a lot to say. :)

    Personally I’ve sworn off twitter for a while. Too distracting!

  • Hi Angelo!
    I truly understand what you’re saying about the distraction. It’s a bit disruptive, but it’s also a playground where the cool kids meet. :)

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