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Pownce Opens Up on January 22nd – Make or Break?

Pownce Opens Up on January 22nd – Make or Break?

I think Pownce, the micro-blogging service where you make friends and stuff, is a nice product. I’ve used it for quite some time, and even paid for a pro account. When I did it, it was more as a show of support than anything else, uploading big files – as was the only quirk back then – isn’t something I do very often.

The service is going public and open for all on January 22nd.

I think Pownce will do just fine. It doesn’t compete with Twitter or Jaiku, it’s more like a Tumblr, but less bloggy, if you know what I mean. If you don’t, then ask me for an invite, or anyone else, they’re aplenty.

That’s a fun thing by the way. Everyone seems to be having Pownce invites lying around. Going public might give a small influx of new users, but I’d reckon Pownce & Co. would have to market it a bit to really get it to grow.

And Pownce has to grow if it’s going to make it. There are already complains of being a bit slow at times, and I’m talking updates from your Pownce friends here, not load times. A social network has to be interesting to everyone, including people who want to be able to spend their whole day there.

So why pick Pownce over Tumblr?

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I think that will be a key question, and what will make or break it for Pownce. They’re not doing exactly the same thing, but I still think they’re in competition given the type of content both are ideal for.

Which will you be going with, if any?

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  • I am a Pownce girl through and through. I’ve been very happy with the service and community there (not to say there aren’t still some features lacking, but you could say that about every site). I never felt as comfortable or intrigued by the Tumblr service, though I understand perhaps that was a lack of effort on my end. And Twitter? Forget about it.

    Really I think the reason Pownce is such a good fit for me is because almost everyone is somehow connected to the tech/internet industry field, making the community a bit more niche than perhaps Pownce markets itself. I’m not sure if that’s the way to go with it – you want to appeal to the largest crowd, especially in the beginning – but could be an angle possibility depending on how the public release unfolds…

  • So like, I can’t wait, I wanna be one of the cool kids now! How about ya invite me? Chris.martinez at

  • Same’ol Same’ol with these sites… I like the site…look, usability, etc… just don’t have a need to use it really. Nothing really clings me to it.

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