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ProBlogger The Book

probloggerbook.jpgThe Blog Herald contributor Chris Garrett has teamed up with Darren Rowse and written a book. Yes, one of those analog things with dead trees in them. The book is titled ProBlogger Book – Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income, and that’s of course an enticing promise for sure, right?

Besides the fact that everyone wants to make thousands of dollars, this book is by far the most interesting blog spinoff product I’ve seen so far. Both Chris and Darren are, besides being great guys, also true probloggers, and they know what they’re talking about. This could very well be one of those required books, and a must have for anyone that wants to make it in blogging, much as Stephen King’s On Writing is for anyone who wants to write good fiction.

Chris Garrett had this to say on the project:

This was the toughest book of my career to write but the one I am most proud of.

When I asked him about the goals and ambitions for the book, quite a project to wrap up by itself I might add from personal experience, Chris elaborated.

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While obviously we still want people to read our blogs, there is something special about being able to curl up with a book and get the whole story about a topic, from absolute beginning through to actually making something really worthwhile. You get the benefit of two entirely different but complimentary approaches to earning money from blogs.

I’m really curious to see the book myself. It should be out in a few weeks time, and there’s both an e-mail list with a promised sample chapter PDF as well as blog tips to sign up for on the official book site, as well as a pre-order page over at Amazon. Chris also promises some extra discount in his launch post, and Darren says more or less the same in his.

Stay tuned for more coverage on this here on The Blog Herald, in the near future as well as when the book is out.

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