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Prolific Versus Long Winded Versus Gregarious Bloggers

Prolific Versus Long Winded Versus Gregarious Bloggers

Prolific Blogger = Posts frequently and publishes a lot of posts.

Long Winded Blogger = Posts long posts, regardless of how often.

Gregarious Blogger = Puts all their energy into getting the conversation going.

Which one are you?

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And which type of blogger do you prefer reading?

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  • I’m definitely a long-winded one but I think that is due in large part to the nature of my topic.

    Which do I prefer to read? Depends on what the blog is on. I’m from the Ogilvy school of writing, if you have a lot to say, say it and say it well. If you don’t, say what you do have and shut up before you put people to sleep.

    I’d feel kind of ripped off if a blog on legal issues were run by a prolific blogger that never went into details but I don’t think I’d want to read a long-winded blog about gadgets.

    All kinds seem to fill my Bloglines…

  • I would have to say that I’m a prolific blogger – although I do have gregarious tendencies.

    I read all types of blogs, although my eyes tend to glaze over when reading longer posts….Depends on how interested I am on the topic.

  • I’m a bit of each. Sometimes I’ll post frequently while other times I focus my time in adding in depth content or working on involving my readers. I don’t really fit any of the types to a tee ‘all’ the time….and none of the places I subscribe to do either. I like the variety.

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