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Sunday Morning SEO: 3 Reasons to Read Books About Your Niche

Sunday Morning SEO: 3 Reasons to Read Books About Your Niche

old-booksOne of the underrated strategies in SEO is reading good books in your niche. You don’t hear a lot about this tactic. Many SEO specialists will talk about keeping up with the top blogs in your niche, but there are great benefits to reading books. Here are three of the biggest ones.

1. To Target More Relevant Keywords

Keyword research tools can only go so far. Many people have access to the tools so the search terms you discover are often competitive. On the other hand, reading books seems to be a lost activity. Many people who used to read a lot books are now doing most of their reading online. And you’ll even find bloggers and webmasters that haven’t read one book about their niche.

Therefore, there are many keywords in books that are not competitive while still having some search volume especially if the book has sold well.

2. To Create More Linkworthy Content

One of the keys to creating linkworthy content is finding unique topics. If you only consume online information, there is a tendency for your content to be too similar to other blogs.

You may have heard the term “echo chamber,” which occurs when blogs in a niche write about the same things. You can combat this phenonemon and cause your blog to stand out from the crowd by reading books. Books give you a new perspective about your niche and can inspire you to create valuable, unique content.

Also, you’ll gain a deeper amount of knowledge since books are usually more in-depth than internet content. You can then tap this knowledge to create more resourceful posts than your peers.

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3. To Improve Your Credibility

One of the reasons I know Brian Clark (of Copyblogger fame) knows what he’s talking about is he refers to classic copywriting and advertising books in his posts. Books may seem low tech but people are impressed when you can quote reputable authors. Also, your audience will find it helpful if you can give them a list of good books to buy on Amazon.

Being well-read demonstrates your expertise and improves your credibility. It shows that you are well-rounded and can understand your niche from a wider perspective. I am much more likely to trust and follow Brian’s advice than another copywriter who has only read online content.

Over to You

How often do you read books about your niche?

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  • I certainly read books about my niche. Fiction and non-fiction as it were, since my niche is ill-defined by nature. I write about what surrounds me, caught in an endless rip-tide of cool and pathetic. On top of that, I do try to read books outside of my scope from day-to-day. It only helps though, and I fully agree. Writers want to be in the loop, and their audience are readers. Readers read offline too, so we need to be where they are in order to deliver properly.

  • Good points. Thanks for sharing!

    I agree with you. I think reading stuff outside your niche is a good idea. Hm, maybe I’ll write a post about that in the future.

  • Great article topic, Dee! I’m definitely one of those people that has found himself reading offline less and less, but I do still keep up by reading books in my niche. That said, I never really looked at it from the perspective that you wrote about. While I certainly get ideas, I never really thought to use these books as a means to find topics and keywords that are on the long tail. Nice tip!

  • Seo is all about sharing things.When I was new in this field I have read the book ” seo made Easy ” by brad calen and I got more interested in this a days i am reading more books so even if they increase your knowledge 5 % it would be help fulll to you .

  • Great post. I would say that reading books in your niche can help, and like you said, they can give you credibility when you mention them in your posts.

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