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Rise of the Stumble Cynic

Rise of the Stumble Cynic

I had to laugh when I saw Cracked round up their list of internet commenters. As well as being a cutting, humorous and spot-on characterisation of many personalities you meet online, it also serves to calm your temper knowing that some of these attacks are more about “them” than “you”.

One personality I have noted recently is the “Stumble Cynic” …

You can spot them right away when you visit their StumbleUpon page


But they go way beyond merely telling the toolbar that “this is not to my taste”. Oh no. They have to tear into every website, often with cuss words and personal attacks, in detail and with a hint of rampant superiority complex.

Out of every ten reviews, nine will be negative, and eight will have been posted in the last few minutes.

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What motivates them I don’t know, but I see it more and more and I wish SU would provide the feature to “stop this person ever seeing anything on my domains” :)

Have you spotted any other internet personalities?

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  • There is something you can do. When you see someone going overboard and unfairly thumbing down, you can ‘flag them’.

    For example:

    In the reviews list, you’ll see that on the right there’s a ‘Flag This’ dropdown. Click it, and you can vote if a person is helpful, a spammer, etc.

    As to what effect that has on the stumble cynic, only SU knows for now :)

  • It really is bizarre, I don’t get some of these people at all. It’s almost like they must have set up their tags specifically to show them stuff they won’t like.

    I don’t even thumb something down just because I don’t like it, I just stumble on. I only thumb something down if it is truly bad. As in unreadable, un researched, spam…

    Though at first I thumbed down anything that I simply wasn’t interested in because it seemed that was the purpose because they say if you thumb it down you won’t see sites like that any more. But then I realized that there is an actual element of voting to it, and just because it isn’t interesting to me doesn’t mean it’s “bad”.

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