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Blogs About Sarah Palin: Who’s For Her, Who’s Against?

Blogs About Sarah Palin: Who’s For Her, Who’s Against?

Sarah Palin is the first woman ever to run on the U.S. Republican party presidential ticket. If Americans elect John McCain on November 4, Mrs. Palin will be the first female Vice President of the United States.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, both BlogPulse and Google Trends show more – a lot more – discussion in the blogosphere about Palin than about either Obama or McCain (see charts after the jump).

But what are the underlying causes for all the Palin talk? Why the fuss?

Is it because blogs may actually be responsible for John McCain’s selection of Palin as his running mate?

Is it because Palin came seemingly out of nowhere to get picked ahead of several other contenders?

Or is it just because she’s a woman?

Oh, here’s a nice question: If another candidate were to stand right now in Sarah Palin’s place, exactly the same as her in all personal, family and political respects, but that candidate were a man, would he be receiving the same amount of attention as she is?

Here’s the BlogPulse chart for Palin vs. Obama vs. McCain:

And here’s the Google Trends chart for Palin vs. Obama vs. McCain vs. Joe Biden:

There is heated debate on both sides of the Palin coin. HuffPo says Palin has made her first potentially big mistake in these fevered post-convention days leading up to the Nov. 4 election. But the overall buzz from her nomination acceptance speech at the Republican Convention last week has been overwhelmingly positive in the mainstream media and blogosphere alike.

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I haven’t made my mind up about Palin yet.

But I do think that the incredible amount of buzz surrounding her has changed and will continue to change the nature of these last few weeks leading up to the election.

And blogs are responsible for a huge percentage of online mentions of her name, so we may be witnessing the year when blogs finally decide or almost decide – or maybe at least have a critical role in deciding – the fate of the four main presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

Are you blogging for or against Sarah Palin? Or are you undecided/neutral?

Why is Sarah Palin so popular all of a sudden? What effect will the blogosphere have on this year’s U.S. presidential election? Have it at in the comments. Keep those claws retracted, please.

P.S. This is almost certainly NOT Sarah Palin’s blog. (… At least not the Sarah Palin running for U.S. Vice President.)

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  • so glad for our gift from heaven to america. sarah palin is a divine appointment to america!

  • I think all this is a bad political stunt. In my opinion this is a joke. Barack talks about change and people get in a tither. McCann talks about it and lets get on the band wagon. It is so irronic that when an educated black man is in your face showing you up you want to knock him down. This is what happen when blacks were slaves, “keep them dumb and work the mess out of them and still ALL thier ideas”. Great Americans!!!!!!!!!! why don’t you read and find out how this “country ” was really put together. It is not about the skin tone of a person. Don’t you want things to be better for all? This woman cut special needs children by 62%. I have a special needs child, whom I love dearly. I am almost willing to cheat the system to get what he needs, but instead, I work while you rich people that don’t give a damn about real issues continue to take. You all need to read the bible. God, Jesus didn’t do all this mess that you do. YOU can’t prostitute God then use Him to pray for your needs and not the needs of all people.
    We are not democrate nor republican we are people first. Stop hurting people, stealing others ideas for your own and don’t face the issues. Good luck with explaining yourselves to God.
    Sarah if you can’t stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen and stop using the sexism as a card. You guys can talk about Barack all day long, call him all kind of names but a child of God, and yet when people talk about your lilly white girl you want to get offended. Get a grip, if they get in office, I might consider moving to Canada. This place is a joke.

  • Yolanda, she did not cut the budget by 62%. CNN of all people put that rumor to rest this evening. State officials actually said she almost trippled the budget in Alaska for special needs children. CNN claimed that the 62% rumor was started by internet bloggers. They even tracked down one internet blogger who admitted that he had made up complete lies about her and posted them to his site as a joke. He was totally shocked that some of the things he posted as a prank had made it all over the net and into the traditional media. Call the state of Alaska, they’ll give you the before and after numbers on her funding record for special nees kids. Seeing tonight’s show changed my opinion of CNN. They worked very hard to set the record straight. They didn’t cut her any slack on the bridge to nowhere and they shouldn’t have. I am republican but I didn’t post this to argue you with you. I posted it because you’ve been made very upset by a false rumor started by internet bloggers who love causing peoples blood pressure to go up. I agree with you. This race shouldn’t be about skin color or gender. The bloggers have made up a lot of bull about Obama too which CNN also has corrected in the past. This race has become so much about personalities and so little about the issues. God help us.
    BTW, “Lilly White Girl “is an offensive term. You wouldn’t want someone making a similar reference to Mr. Obama’s skin color would you? You might as well have called her a “Candy Ass White Girl.”

  • I truly hate Sarah Palin, I think she is most definitely not ready to become Vice President, on top of that she hunts and kills animals and brags about it, I mean sure there are plenty of people out there who hunt but we don’t need a person who ruins our planet instead of protecting our planet, to become president. I mean come on!!! She is not ready for vice presidency!!!!!

  • I am finding it hard to believe that all the women who want equal rights, rights to their own health decisions, health care for their children and a country that can support itself without a huge deficit and outrageous special interest spending and disregard of our environment can support someone who is totally against all these issues and hides behind “mom status” as if that gives her extra credibility……and Hillary Clinton who has for many many years done exactly what sara palin trys to exemply, but has done better and longer than any one else is now just an afterthought! Ipersonally have a huge deer problem where I live but will not be going out to hunt them. i also have a huge environmental overuse problem and will be going out to try and effect that! So who do we want to be whispering in our next presidents ear? Someone with a great deal of knowledge or someone from a state where political maipulatiojn is a rule of business ( remember sarah and her earmark as mayor) . Think people the new popular person on the block is fun and different but are they any good?

  • A study by the University of Leuven has found an inverse relationship between testosterone levels and price awareness among men. Sarah Palin’s entry into the electoral arena has certainly altered its dynamics. Has she too turned many men into “gullible sheep”? Will her effect last till November 4? More in my post.

  • Sarah Palin has too many issues at home that need her attention without adding the burden of being vice president of one of the most powerful countries in the western world. Here you have a husband and wife that don’t spend much time together , let alone with their 4 underage children at home! Maybe her daughter is like all neglected teens in this country – looking for love and attention in all the wrong places!

  • I hate Sarah Palin.
    Palin speech is boring…her background: family, EBay and Bridge to Nowhere.

  • If Sarah palin is so pro-life, why do we know more about what she does with a plane and a bridge than what her health care plans are? Is she all for getting a person here and then not care about them once they get here? If she’s sooooooo religious, then how can she support a man who wouldn’t be where he is today if not for infidelity and beer?

  • Sarah Palin is the most talked about person on this campaign because she is the scariest person on it. Even us liberal types wouldn’t be over distraught if McCain had a different VP and won, but with Palin as a running mate a lot more than just liberals are concerned what will happen if he croaks. In many respects she makes W look like a moderate and the very model of super genius. Sarah Palin scares the hell out of people, not because of she is an untested woman, but because she is so far to the right she has become a leftist radical in search of a neoconservative revolution.

  • I am a registered Republican Christian woman who is extremely disappointed in the way John McCain and Sarah Palin is running their campaign.

    She is a devout Christian, but she refuses to tell the truth about her record on taking earmarks and supporting the bridge to nowhere. Besides she was declared as an expert on the economy, well versed in foreign affairs, and having more experience than Joe Biden and Barack Obama put together. Does anyone feel telling lies are a violation of the laws of Christianity? What I find amazing is once her record was fact checked and proven not to be true she refused to revise it. Do you religious born-again Christians and longtime Christians find this behavior a contradiction to your faith. I thought that all sins are created equal in God’s eyes. I realize that we are all not perfect beings; however, she knows she is telling lies, so there is no excuse to continue. Thus it seems she is willing to compromise her religious faith to be the next VP of the United States of America.

    In the last several days at Sarha Palin’s campaign speeches, she has made statement such as “who is the real Barack Obama”. She is trying the link the former terrorist William Ayers to him. These suggestions are only causing the fringe people in the audience to shout out very dangerous statements directed at Obama, such as “kill him”, “off with his head”, “terrorist”. She wont even make any effort to tell these people this kind of behavior is unacceptable. What I see is she just continues which encourages this behavior. My concern is that maybe one of these people might hurt or kill Obama or somebody else. We should not stir up any racial hatred into this presidential campaign. I’m not saying that she is responsible for the crazies, but when they make these statements Palin should immediately denounce them. Well, I feel its one thing to want to win and another to win at any cost. She is supposed to be a devout Christian with strong Christian values, so why is she unwilling to speak out immediately when these people say such hateful things against another person.

    How do we as Christians bring people to Christianity while supporting so openly a woman who is not displaying true Christian principles. As Christian women we should put party politics aside and stand by our Christian values. Christianity is more important than political posturing. We should be thinking about what God would be saying and stop overlooking what has been going on with their campaign.

    At least if you want to vote for them that’s fine, but I think we should be careful praising her as this highly moral Christian woman. We don’t want to make people feel this kind of behavior is acceptable in Christianity.

    Sarah Palin and John McCain and both of their spouses have had relationships with questionable characters, anti-American sympathizers, people who have been associated with taking money from Freddie Mac. So they do not have a clean record on the same issues as well as similar issues.

    There is a reason why people call us Christian’s hypocrites and refuse to go to church. It is very hard to bring people to Christ when we Christians spend our time openly proving to people that there is no difference between a Christian’s behavior and nonbelievers.


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