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Should, Shouldn’t, Must

Should, Shouldn’t, Must

For anyone who wants to grow their blog and improve their writing there is a wealth of advice out there, from sites like this where news and tips are shared in equal measure, and then there are problogger and a million problogger wannabes. Fact is, sometimes it seems there is too much advice … how do you know who to listen to?

Darren is one of the names you know you can listen to and trust, because he has earned that trust over the years and has the results to prove it. What of the others?

One way you can filter the gold nuggets from the noise of opinion is to see who offers advice that resonates with you. Who seems to have the same approach or philosophy towards their audience? Are the authors intentions and goals the same as yours?

If everyone was out to make money we wouldn’t have brilliant blogs about Lighthouses and Beekeeping, would we? Techniques and tactics have to be appropriate to what you are blogging for and about.

Another important factor is experience, that of the writer and also your experience of the writer over time. Which sites advice has worked out for you in the past?

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That latter point is important, it is one thing for people to say you must, you should or you should not, but first do they back up these statements with “why”, and secondly does that advice convert into results for you in practice?

How do you work out who to listen to?

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  • Listen to none of them. Most blogs about blogging all follow each other. I have not found one blog about blogging that’s really unique. One week someone like Shoemoney or John Chow says one thing and everyone jumps on the bandwagon and regurgitates what was said. It’s all in the numbers. Your google analytics will tell you everything you need to know. That’s the best place to keep you informed about how your website is doing.

  • The first thing I look for at a blog are ads. If it’s overrun with ads, then there’s a good chance there won’t be original or useful content. Also, I always check the ABOUT page to try and learn who the author is. That can be a good indicator of the blogger’s experience and authenticity.

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