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Splashpress Media Acquires Heavyweight Blogs from Bloggy Network

Splashpress Media Acquires Heavyweight Blogs from Bloggy Network

New Media company Splashpress Media has announced the acquisition of five premier blogs from Bloggy Network LLC.

Along with this acquisition, Splashpress Media has also announced that Mr. David Peralty, Bloggy Network’s Director of Communications, is now joining the company as Head of Marketing. David has extensive experience in the new media industry, and looks forward to leading the charge in building up the Splashpress Media brand.

In a private sale for an undisclosed amount, the following blogs will now be operated by Splashpress Media:

Blogging Pro– Blogging Pro regularly features news, themes and plugins for blogging applications in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner. The site regularly discusses a wide array of blogging-related topics, from personal blogging, to blog monetization, to the technical aspects of blogging.

Forever Geek – Forever Geek is a blog written for geeks by a group of geeks who each have their own passions and interests. Forever Geek provides geeks with links to interesting news, sites and reviews online without the usual clutter of other geek-oriented sites.

Celebrific – Talking about celebrities is what Celebrific is all about. Featuring a “hot woman (or man) of the day” every day, and a weekly “Celebrific lowdown” summary of happenings every week, as well as regular postings and photos of stars. Celebrific is sure to satisfy anyone’s celebrity fix.

Filmsy – Authored by true film buffs, Filmsy reviews the latest box office and disc releases, with honest to goodness commentary. Reviews and commentary are both on new movies and classics from the past ages of cinema.

bFeedMe – bFeedMe aims to satisfy readers’ hunger for information about food, whether they’re tips on the latest great restaurants, delicious recipes, or anything about food in general.

The acquisition brings in tens of thousands of visitors every day, along with tens of thousands of existing feed subscribers, increasing Slashpress Media’s reach into the blogosphere.

Splashpress Media has been looking for some time to establish an entertainment network in its portfolio and is also currently launching a new TV blog- Erati, while also relaunching a Hollywood Blog and one on Celebrity Chefs.

Splashpress Media, owned and operated by Mark Saunders, delivers some of the top blogs and blogging services in the industry, including the Blog Herald, 901am, Performancing, Tubetorial and Eaton Web, amongst others, and considers the newly-acquired sites as making its network wider and deeper.

About Splashpress Media

Founded in 2006, with over 100 blog-related sites and 200 people working in its network, Splashpress Media has quickly evolved into a significant new media company focusing primarily on ways to help the modern blogger succeed– whether that be through news, tutorials, analysis, metrics, designs, tools, products or services.

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Splashpress Media is a UK based company with satellite offices around the world.

Media Contact:

J. Angelo Racoma
Editor in Chief
[email protected]

About Bloggy Network

Founded in 2005, Bloggy Network is a uniquely focused blog network, encompassing not only blogs, but the entire blogging experience. To that end the company not only operates popular blogs, but also a blog portal under the Blog Flux brand and award-winning blog design through its Design Disease brand.

Media Contact:

Jacob Gower
[email protected]

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