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Splashpress Media Launches Blogosphere News

Splashpress Media Launches Blogosphere News

For the new media company that we are, Splashpress Media has still been focusing on contributor-driven content, and not much on user/reader-driven content. Sure, with Performancing the forum and the Performancing blog are all about the readers as contributors. But there’s still something amiss–a site where the users really get to shine.

So with this we thought of a social bookmarking/news site that focuses on one of our areas of expertise: the blogosphere. Splashpress Media is proud to announce the launch of Blogosphere News as a social news site that focuses on blogging-related content.

Blogosphere News

With Blogosphere News, members can submit their own entries, and these can be anything related to blogging–new blog launches, blogging tips, blogging news, blogger events, software, widgets, how-tos, videos, and the like. Users also get to vote on other members’ stories that they think are worth reading. Bad stories (spam, duplicates, useless stuff) can be “buried”. The more popular entries would then be promoted to the front page. You know the Digg system? Yes, it’s the same!

Blogosphere News also features a “live” view, where you can take a peek at what’s being submitted or voted on at any single moment. You can also take a look at the tag view, where keywords are listed by weight and importance.

Easy submit links

Blogosphere News also lets bloggers easily submit links to the system by adding a simple line of code to their themes. Clicking these would automatically submit the URL of the page being viewed to Blogosphere News.

Blogosphere News button

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Would look like this:

Blogosphere News link

<a href="javascript:void(document.location = ('' .concat(document.location))) ">Submit post to Blogosphere News</a>

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Would look like this:

Submit post to Blogosphere News

A chance to win prizes

What’s more is that for the next three months, we would be running a contest where the member with the most voted stories will win prizes. The following prizes are at stake:

  • $100 (payable via PayPal)
  • A free BlogHoster software package (worth $250)

The members at second and third spots get $50 each. I’m still negotiating other prizes (in kind or in cash), to make things more interesting.

As for the rules, the entries have to be blogging-related or at least relevant to new media/social media. And employees/contributors of Splashpress Media are not eligible to join the contest.

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  • Congrats and what a great idea. However, can you create a submission process that doesn’t include Javascript, or bookmarklet, so the more than a million bloggers on blogs, and other WorPressMU, no Javascript-enabled site, can use?

    Digg for the bloggers blogging about blogging. I like it. :D

  • Bit of a cheeky plug here, but for any BH readers that do want a Blog Hoster license, here is a coupon code that will save you 50% -: PERF319.

  • Great idea guys, but shouldn’t that be ‘Blogosphere Newsr’?

    Seriously, though, a funkier name would have been icing on the cake, though I’m still going to enjoy seeing where this goes.

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