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Start A Blog Consulting Business Today

Start A Blog Consulting Business Today

There are a lot of Blog Consulting firms out there. I’ve worked with a few of them on sub contracting projects. I’ve started a blog consulting firm, and helped strategically plot another. There’s bound to be some new firms pop up after Six Apart picked up a MovableType consulting firm for what can only be assumed a six figure plus acquisition.

There are a lot of different types of blog consulting firms. There are those who focus on design, and implementation, those that focus on social media, and those that focus on training and implementation. Other focus on developing content for blogs, or hiring bloggers. Here’s 3 Quick Tips to get started in blog consulting.

1 Identify you strengths and determine if a partner is neccesary
If you are looking to start a private blog consulting business it’s a hot time to do just that. First identify your strengths, and determine if you need to find a partner to work with you. Personally I’m no designer and most of my strengths involve tweaking free wordpress themes, and settings to create a highly efficient WordPress install so for me I would probably have to partner with a designer or outsource much of the design aspects of any Blog Consulting work that would come my way.

2 Develop a strong website/blog to promote your services
Branding, and simplicity are really important. Make it easy for consumers to find out your services and explore whether they want to use you. Check out 37signals for an example of a great services site.

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3 Use Social Media and Guest Blogging to market your site, and services
Developing a strong social media profile to promote your blog articles, and social media optimized content is a great FREE way to market your business. Also Guest Blogging is another great way to market yourself, and your brand to find new clients.

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  • The blog counsulting business also extends outside the US. In France, start-up blogAngels helps french SMB corporate to build an efficient “corporate blogging” strategy. Our website documents many “corporate blogging” best practices, with several real life examples, like Palm’s, Southwest or the more recent AA’s blogs. We’d be delighted to get any subcontract for french business.

  • It’s really important to know this things around since if you are looking forward to building a good reputation and appear useful to anyway, you really need to observe the details mentioned in the article above and make some effort for your business professionalism and growth.

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