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StudioPress To Get SEO’d, Courtesy Of Joost De Valk

StudioPress To Get SEO’d, Courtesy Of Joost De Valk

StudioPress is growing, and the themes are getting some serious SEO treatment thanks to the latest member of the team: Joost de Valk, of WordPress fame. Brian Gardner and Joost de Valk have their own respective announcement posts up. They are both really happy with the partnership, this from the latters blog post:

So we are partnering up. I’m going to be optimizing all the StudioPress themes, and offering StudioPress customers advice on how to optimize their sites in regular blog posts and in a new blog optimization package we’ll be offering through StudioPress.

I caught up with Brian Gardner for a really quick chat about this latest development for StudioPress.

Brian says:

Joost is an amazing WordPress developer, who will be optimizing all of the StudioPress themes for SEO. His expertise in that area as well as his ability to help internationalize the themes will surely make our themes better than ever. We also have plans in the future to work plugins and enhanced functions into the themes.

Do you think WordPress themes in general, and premium themes in particular, need to be more SEO optimized?

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I think there are little things such as title tags and proper headline semantics that many theme developers miss when they code themes which can really impact SEO.

This is surely a good move for StudioPress, if nothing else but because Joost de Valk is an important contributor to the WordPress community.

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