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Success in Life Depends Upon Which One You Use the Most

Success in Life Depends Upon Which One You Use the Most

Everyone has a joke or old saying, an old one they’ve told since they were a child. It just never gets old. Here’s one of mine:

Everyone was born with two ends. One is used for thinking, the other is used for sitting. Success in life depends upon which one you use the most.

Heads you win. Tails you lose.

Okay, blogger. Which one do you use the most?

It may seem like a ridiculous question, but it’s a valid one. Many bloggers spent a lot of time on their butts, glued to their computers, ignoring the world outside their door – sometimes right in their own home.

Without outside stimulation, the blogger gets bored and the blogging becomes boring. There’s too much thinking happening from the tail side of things rather than the above the neck world.

Here are some tips to help you get up and off your blogging butt.

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  • Attend a Blog Meeting: There are all types of blogging and WordPress meetups and groups happening all over the world. Is there one near you? Maybe an hour or two away? Get the schedule and attend a meeting.
  • Attend a Blog Conference: There are blog conferences all over the world, some specializing in their particular industry and others just for bloggers in general. Go to one. If it’s too expensive, find someone or a company to sponsor you or ask for donations on your blog. Find a way to get out and meet other bloggers who take blogging seriously.
  • Attend a Writer’s Meeting, Group, or Conference: Blogging is writing, so why not find a writer’s group or event near you and find out what other writers are doing. They are probably blogging.
  • Take a Class: It doesn’t matter what the class is, though it helps if it is blog and writing related, just take a class. Learn something new. Meet new people.
  • Walk: Take a walk. If you are a regular walker, then drive to a new neighborhood or community and walk there. Or try a park you haven’t been to in a while. Change the scenery.
  • Have a Meal With a Forgotten Friend: I know you have friends. Did you forget you have non-virtual friends? When was the last time you called one of those friends up and said, “Let’s meet and eat?” Do it. Talk about blogging or don’t, but done something with a human being away from your computer.
  • Go Camping: Maybe you haven’t camped in a while, but why not? There are all kinds of places to go. You don’t need much money or equipment. If the weather is great, just sleep in a sleeping bag. If bad, sleep in your car. Just get out and spend the night or four in the wilderness somewhere and remember why you hate nature, or not.
  • Answer This: I Spoil Myself I Would _________: What’s the answer? A massage? A dinner out? At a favorite restaurant? Go to a bookstore? Buy a new outfit? Have a facial? Get your nails done? Get a hair cut? Watch a movie? Sleep in? What would be the answer if you could spoil yourself? Then do it.
  • Read: We spend so much time reading online, we often forget about books. Find a book you’ve been wanting to read or reread an old favorite. I just finished rereading all the books, one after another, by two of my favorite authors, and Terry Pratchett. I read the whole Discworld series in order, then the Humanx Commonwealth by Foster in “chronological” order. It was wonderful to submerse myself in other worlds for extended periods of time, returning back to my boring world only when forced.

There is a whole life out there for you to explore, and many things you can do that will work that brain of yours and get you off your blogging butt.

When you return, I bet you that your blogging will be better than ever as you have stretched the right end a little.

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  • Uhhhh, Lorelle, I think you got your quote wrong. It should be ‘one is for thinking, the other’s for sitting.’ Otherwise it makes no sense.

  • One of my New Year Resolutions is to go into the next town once a week for breakfast in a little café I used to frequent regularly. I went this morning. Not only does it get me away from the computer, but I interact with a totally different group of people, and I even find myself getting ideas for blog posts that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.

    It’s great! Not only do I get a fantastic cooked meal once a week, but I have time to clear my head. It also means I need to be disciplined for the rest of the day to ensure I don’t lose my evening for taking time “off” in the morning.

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