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Teens in Tech, the for Teens

Teens in Tech, the for Teens

You got to love the underdog, especially when it is a 15 year old teenager that gets featured, nay hyped, on TechCrunch. Daniel Brusilovsky is getting a lot of praise and encouragement, probably rightly so, although I have no idea if his first project, the teen blog host Teens in Tech, is something special. It is in private alpha, but Jason Kincaid has obviously seen it, since he describes it like this:

From a technical standpoint Teens In Tech will be fighting an uphill battle. The site is using Dreamhost, a cheap service that most companies wouldn’t go near with a ten foot stick, as its storage provider. And to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t seem like there’s much new code behind Teens in Tech – the backend is a mostly standard WordPress multi-user install, similar to what runs on the commercial site.

The hosting part might be redundant, as a visit to the site right now tells us that they’re moving servers.

Users will get 100 MB storage, a WordPress blog, a subdomain, and access to forums where they can chitchat about new media and whatnot. That is all well and good, but the question is why someone would go with Teens in Tech, rather than The answer might be that oh so important community feeling, a nice design, or whatever really.

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Here’s hoping we’ll get back to Teens in Tech for a future story and interview with Daniel, as a success story for how WordPress MU can be tweaked into interesting business, rather than a failure report.

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  • I’ve worked with Daniel over the past year and he is a far thinking young man. He’s done amazing things with his blogs, so much so, I’ve even had him guest blog on my own blog.

    This is very exciting and knowing him as I do, this is right in line with his character. He is amazingly giving and hard working, and determined to give back to his community and fellow teens.

    His podcasts are fun, interviewing leaders in the tech and web industry for Apple Universe.

    I would not judge his capabilities nor the upcoming WordPressMU site based upon his server host. Dreamhost is one of the big players in web hosting, whether deserved or not. With his connections, it is possible that he is working closely with them for hosting his new service.

    It’s also not about the bells and whistles that would make Teens in Tech’s site special or unique. None of that is important.

    As to why go with Teens in Tech as an independent rather than, it’s pretty obvious. In fact, is the dream of Automattic and all who worked so hard to develop WordPressMU. It’s about the community created. Imagine a single reference source stuffed with a community of teens blogging about tech, creating a social network to share ideas, dreams, code, beta testing…it’s like creating a think tank for the future.

    Who knows what amazing collaborations will come out of this as brilliant teenagers from around the world find each other and connect through their blogs and community network. Sponsors and high tech planning for future hires would be a fool not to jump on this!

    I’m impressed. I’m thrilled. I’ll be watching closely and cheering.

  • @ tongsi:

    Really? Then that’s a new thought for the developers. :D

    WordPressMU is the multi-user version of WordPress. runs on WordPressMU, as does edublogs, teens in tech, and many other multiple blogger blog networks. Many people and businesses are using WordPressMU to set up multi-user blog networks and it’s exciting to see people like Daniel setting up such a system for teens.

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