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Ten Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

Ten Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

I’m certain most Blog Herald readers already have their own blogs, but consider this post friendly inspiration, or a solid list of points to pass along to anybody who’s wondering if they should start blogging.

  1. Everyone knows more than they realize about something. I’m convinced that just by living, most people gather enough information about some subject that could easily become a blog. Someone who sits in front of the television for eight hours a day after work could blog about the shows they enjoy. Sometimes the more obscure subjects make for the most fascinating blogs.
  2. Sharing information makes the Internet a better place. The Internet is the largest repository of information and electronic media ever created, and one that’s an open playing field. Literally anybody can get a website started and donate what they know to the world.
  3. Relatively speaking, it doesn’t cost much. In a previous post for the Blog Herald, I pointed out how many things about blogging are free. While some costs will inevitably be incurred for hosting and Internet access, blogging is still a cheap hobby – the largest investment is time. Meanwhile, how much is that new set of golf clubs?
  4. Blogging can broaden your mind. We each have closely held opinions and see the world in our own particular way. Most of us don’t regularly have our world views tested because we come into contact with a limited set of people. Putting your thoughts online opens you up to an entire world of opinion. I feel it’s a good thing to be exposed to different points of view – you may even reconsider your own.
  5. A large part of blogging is just showing up. Because of the low barrier to entry, a large number of blogs sprout on a whim and whither away shortly thereafter. With some determination, discipline, and dedication, you can rise above the stereotypical one post a month average and gain a readership. Just by writing regularly and consistently you already have one up over the rest.
  6. You already leave comments and reviews on various websites that aren’t yours. If you write more than three comments or reviews a week on someone else’s website, why are you handing your opinions and writing to someone else? By starting a blog, you can retain ownership of your thoughts and words.
  7. Bloggers are interesting people. There are definitely some amusing personalities out there. A big part of blogging is regularly reading other blogs, through which you get to know a little about the writers behind them. Many I’m proud to rub shoulders with.
  8. You can earn money. Most of us will never become “probloggers”, but even small amounts add up over time. Since the cost to get started is pretty low, the road to profitability is definitely shorter.
  9. Blogging can be fun. If you like challenges, can think long term, and appreciate the concept of small, daily amounts of effort adding up over time, blogging can be a highly satisfying endeavor.
  10. You’ll learn stuff. Besides the technical web knowledge, you can practice writing great copy, learn how to deal with difficult people, train yourself to focus on the long term, and improve your time management skills. You’re also likely to learn more about the very subjects you considered yourself an expert on, by reading other blogs – or even through comments on your own blog, pointing out mistakes you’ve made!

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Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you around the blogosphere!

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  • Great points Jason! The primary reasons I started blogging was to improve my writing, and to help push myself to learn more.

    Not sure of the exact saying, but you always learn better when you intend to teach it. If I am writing a post about something, I always research all of the little details, no one likes to be wrong.

  • Mike – yes, definitely by having your thoughts out there in the public eye, it inspires one to put a lot more care into the writing. I’ve learned a few things about communication and translating what I think I know into words. I’m still getting the hang of it!

    Jeremy, that’s another good reason. You might be surprised how many bottle cap collectors there are out there…

  • Once again, Jason, you have given a new voice to blogging. I blog because anyway I can make my voice heard, I avail myself of the opportunity. And since blogging is free (or nearly free) and it’s global — what a better platform? And blogging usually comes from the blogger’s passion; and passion must be expressed. Thanks, Jason.

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