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The Holiday Strategy

The Holiday Strategy

Do you have a Holiday Strategy, as in how do you handle it when you’re away? With Christmas and New Year’s coming up, lots of us bloggers have things to do, places to attend, and family to meet. This means that we might not want to blog.

So you should plan for Holidays of course, just like you should plan your blogging overall.

Me, I take this opportunity to have some time off. It’s been a hectic year, and the breaks have been all to few.

In other words, my numerous blogs will be a quiet place come this weekend and the coming Holidays, with a handful of posts set to publish themselves automatically. That’s my strategy here, having some fresh reading available, but taking it easy.

I really think that blogs should have a Holiday Strategy, as should all editorial sites. If I come by a site that looks dated, content-wise, I find it dull and unreliable. It’s a lot easier to accept it if the top post says “Hi, we’re off enjoying festivities – check back on January 7th”.

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So, before you logoff for the Holidays, make sure that you tell your readers that you’ll be away, and also let them know when you’ll be back.

Asking them to subscribe might also be a good idea, then they’ll know automatically.

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