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Sunday Morning SEO: The Secret to Successful Link Requests

Sunday Morning SEO: The Secret to Successful Link Requests

Link BeggingThe link request can be a very effective tool for link building but it seems to be underused by bloggers. Many of them are hesitant to ask for links. They think it is too intrusive and spammy. Or they are not confident in their content.

Others have tried sending a couple requests but they didn’t have success so they stopped.

If you haven’t had success, here’s a principle that can help. Also, this principle can build your confidence and help you realize that link requests don’t have to be spammy.

Where’s Your Focus?

If you want links to your site, you have to start with the linking audience in mind. Before you even create a post, put yourself in their shoes. Understand their personality and figure out what they like by being familiar with their blog. As you check out their site, you will get an idea of the kind of content they would gladly link to.

The next step is to simply create that content.

By using this strategy, you can confidently ask for a link. You content is valuable to the linker and their audience so your link request is a favor to them instead of just a favor to you. It’s a win-win situation. You get a link and they provide value to their their audience by pointing to useful content.

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Most bloggers write about what they want to write about. But if you want successful link requests, you have to write about what your link audience wants.

It will take more time when you focus on others since you have to spend time browsing through their sites. But the rewards are great when you get the links and improve your rankings and traffic.

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  • A good post, but links aka comments to blogs may be deemed as ‘comment spam’ which is a form of spamdexing. It is done by posting random comments for the pursuit of link building?

    A great informative post though.

  • Yes,valuable content is the key for link request.If our content is appealing,we don’t even need to ask for link,people will link to us.

  • @Darni

    I still think good content needs to be promoted. There’s a lot of great content that many people don’t know about because the blogger hasn’t done much marketing.

  • I found when linkbuilding that if you are authentic about who you are, who you’re representing, and either provide them good content or point them toward good content, many will be amiable to your link request. It can be a tedious process, but can really pay off.

  • Great point, there’s no need to be long-winded with link requests. Along with reading your email, they’ll have to take time to read your content in order to make a decision whether or not to link.

  • Link request and content exchange is the most useful link development technique and search engines like Google pays much points to those anchor text that comes from a body of a text.

    You are correct that content must be so useful that meet the win-win situation of both.

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