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Twingly Launches Microblog Search, CEO Tells Us Why

Twingly Launches Microblog Search, CEO Tells Us Why

TwinglyTwingly is a Swedish company that previously launched a blog search engine and expanded the concept with a Top 100 list as well as Twingly BlogRank. The company also does widgets for sites that want to incorporate the blogosphere comments on their stories, widely used in Scandinavia on newspaper sites especially.

The logical next step would be a microblog search engine, right? At least Twingly thinks so, because they just rolled it out (and hitting TechCrunch at that). You can give it a go yourself.

As you can see, Twingly Microblog Search include results from Twitter, Jaiku,, Bleeper, Bloggy, and even the Pownce archives (site discontinued). They are also urging people to let them know if they want other microbloggin services included in the search result, so if you roll your own you should get in touch.

I got hold of Martin Källström, CEO at Twingly, and asked him a few questions about the microblog search.

Why did you decide to have a dedicated search engine for microblogs? Couldn’t the standard Twingly search engine just cover it just as well?

Behind the scenes it is actually the same search engine. We have the possibility to mix results, but for now we’re waiting for a really good application of that search interface. Sometimes it is better to keep things as simple as possible. Of course you could debate that having one single search box is simpler, but this way we will be able to optimize each search result page for the circumstances.

What uses do you see for Twingly Microblog Search, besides ego surfing one’s name or brand?

Monitoring one’s name or brand is of course the major use of the search engine. It is certainaly one of the most important tools for doing business online. But there are other uses, such as keeping track of world events or what people are saying about one specific event.

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Is Facebook and community search next?

We’ll focus on business applications of the microblog search before anything else. Coming next in my personal future is hopefully a cup of coffee, it has been a long night and short sleep :)

Let’s hope Martin got his coffee, it is well deserved. Check out Twingly Microblog Search here, and tell us what you think!

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