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Universal Shortens MySpace Music

Universal Shortens MySpace Music

I usually don’t write much about the social networks out there, mainly because I’m pretty fed up with them. Yes, I’m on Facebook but do I care about me being there? Nope, I’m sick of it, really, and are just hanging around because of some discussions in various groups.

The main competitor, MySpace, doesn’t appeal to me at all, it’s an ugly mash of grotesque taste in my opinion. Surfing MySpace hurts my eyes.

I do, however, enjoy music, and I can listen to that on MySpace, since most bands have a page there. That means that I can listen to the songs and decide wether I should buy the album or not, since I won’t settle for the crappy sound quality offered.

Universal doesn’t like that. Wired reports that they’re forcing their artist to slim down to 90 second versions of their songs (which apparently is an old policy now being enforced).

Guess what? That sucks.

Sure, I can get a pretty good feel for most of the songs out there with a 90 second draft, and that might get me to buy, but it feels so cheap on Universal’s behalf. I mean, seriously, people who think that listening to the low quality MySpace version of the song is enough are probably not going to buy the album anyway, they obviously doesn’t care so much about the actual music quality.

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The only thing Universal achieves with this is making their artists look bad. The one mentioned in the Wired report doesn’t like this, and will post songs on her personal page instead. Good for her, but will Universal put a lid on that as well? I don’t know, they probably could if they wanted to.

Music is why MySpace still gets my attention. Should the record labels start forcing artists to publish short versions of the songs only, well, then I won’t go there anymore.

I sincerely doubt I’m alone in that opinion.

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