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Valleywag Blogger Got Fired, Ensuing Confusion

Valleywag Blogger Got Fired, Ensuing Confusion

valleywag.jpgJordan Golson used to write for Valleywag, but he got the can, and that turned up as a story on TechCrunch. Apparently there were errors, because two edits were needed by the post author, being Michael Arrington. Initially it was implied that the firing was due to the criticizing April 1 post on the new payment structure for Gawker bloggers, but that was later denied. Yes, Valleywag is a Gawker Media blog, in case you’ve missed that.

Managing editor Owen Wilson Thomas (thanks Michael, of course it’s not Wilson!) wrote an e-mail to the Valleywag staff, which was published, defending, well, everything the network stands for, and advocate peace, love and understanding. Or at least clarified what gives, somewhat in response to the TechCrunch story.

Meanwhile, the comments on the same TechCrunch story are getting more and more hilarious. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what can happen in the blogosphere, and everywhere else really. The difference is, in our line of business it is all out in the public, which hardly is something I would’ve wanted.

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Unless I was running a rag like Valleywag of course. Then this is pure gold.

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  • this is the most poorly written “article” I have ever seen on the internet. If the guy who got fired wrote worse that this crap, maybe we’ve solved the riddle…

  • Of course it’s Owen Thomas, not Wilson. I’ve corrected that, thanks.

    Sorry you feel that way, Jon. There were indeed some weird things in the post, it appears some text got lost in the process. I’ve clarified it somewhat.

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