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Weblog Tools Collection WordPress Plugin Competition 3.0

Weblog Tools Collection WordPress Plugin Competition 3.0

Weblog Tools Collection WordPress Plugin Competition logoThere is no doubt in the WordPress Community. The best Plugin competition has started: The Weblog Tools Collection WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 (3.0).

If you are new to the WordPress Community, you may not even know that you are probably using a WordPress Plugin generated during a past WTC WordPress Plugin Competition. There have been some incredible great and innovative – not to mention useful – WordPress Plugins such as:

Where do you think Alex King got his start? The award for his very popular Popularity Contest WordPress Plugin helped put him on the map as a WordPress expert in the 2005 contest. Ozh of PlanetOzh has been in the past couple of contests with really innovative efforts, as well as Vladimir Prelovac who just published the leading book on writing and developing WordPress Plugins, “WordPress Plugin Development Beginner’s Guide.”

There are some changes in this version of the contest, which is why founder Mark Ghosh is calling it the 3.0 version.

For WordPress Plugin authors, the WordPress Plugin Competition is a chance to generate a lot of enthusiasm and exposure for their WordPress Plugins, and a chance to win great prizes. While there are thousands and thousands of Plugins out there, there are always needs not being met. I’ve still got a few on my own personal Plugins Wanted List.

For WordPress users, this is chance to see the brightest and best come up with the most innovative ideas and turn them into something we can use. We get to cheer them on and then take advantage of their brilliance on our WordPress blogs.

For sponsors, this is a chance for tremendous exposure to millions of WordPress users around the world. By contributing financial or material prizes, you are encouraging and investing in the creative, open source spirit that so defines the WordPress Community. WordPress users run the gamut from individual personal blogger to corporate blogger running huge publishing company or commercial sites around the globe.

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Sponsors also help encourage students. Many Plugin authors are enthusiast students studying computer science, programming, design, and development. They are the future of the tech industry, and some day, you will want to hire them as they are helping to change how the web works, especially how blogging and social media work with WordPress.

I expect to see some and Plugins in addition to single hosted Plugins in the list this year.

I’ll be listing some of the entrants in my and . Stay tuned for an exciting WordPress Plugin Competition and here’s to all the winners, both entrants, users, and sponsors.

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