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Welcome Our New Editor: Thord Daniel Hedengren

Welcome Our New Editor: Thord Daniel Hedengren

Folks, for some time now, the Blog Herald has been running on autopilot. When our former full-time editor Tony Hung left, there were various people who took on the task of being editor in the interim. But what did that actually mean? It mostly involves making sure posting schedules are met, comments were moderated, and that everyone was happy.

It’s probably not so obvious as with a single-author blog. We have an excellent team of contributors and columnists, after all. And pretty much like the Orpheus, we can liken ourselves to an orchestra that can play even without a conductor. But still, even a conductor-less orchestra needs the concertmaster. Simply put, a team needs a leader. And in terms of blogging we need an editorial voice. Sure, we can continue writing about our own interests and various news items that come up here and there. But an editor’s job is to give us the creative direction and focus we need to truly make an exciting blog about blogging.

It’s been under wraps for a short while now, and we are proud to announce our new editor here at the Blog Herald: Thord Daniel Hedengren.

Thord is a designer, a writer and a blogger from Sweden. He co-owns his own design and publishing company, and has been involved in several startups in his home country. He does work in a global environment, though, given the nature of the design and new media industry. And did you know Thord is into creative writing?

Thord has been with the Blog Herald for the longest time I can remember. He has been contributing since 2006, and has been responsible for some subtle (but important) design changes on the site. Thord has also reworked the design of various blogs in Splashpress Media’s network, including 901am, Blogger Jobs, Blog Network Watch, Jack of All Blogs, and several others, with the most recent being Wisdump where he served as editor until this move.

In Thord’s own words:

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It feels great stepping into the front seat of The Blog Herald. To me, it is something of coming full circle, since my first international freelance gig was for this excellent site. I’ve got a ton of ideas, plans, and suggestions that we’re talking about internally right now, and among those is of course a new design, so expect more on that in the coming weeks.

So let’s give Thord a warm welcome!

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