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Welcome to A New BlogHerald

Welcome to A New BlogHerald

When Splashpress acquired the BlogHerald some six months ago, there were some changes that we planned on implementing, and I’m happy today to report that much of that is going to fruition today. Coupled with a new theme, courtesy of Brian Gardner, you can expect a renewed focus on all things blogging.

Our news coverage will cover redouble on events that are happening in and throughout the blogosphere, blogging networks, and how blogging is affecting the world at large.

Our featured posts will refocus on things that will also have special relevance for bloggers, including new categories and topics, such as blog design, blog monetization, and the legal aspects of blogging.

During the week we’ll be working out a few kinks, with J. Angelo (assistant editor) and Brian Gardner (wordpress theme ninja) working in the background to iron them all out, so if you happen to notice a few odd things please be patient.   As always, let us know how we’re doing because we look forward to producing some great content for you.

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