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What Are You Not Doing With Your Blog

What Are You Not Doing With Your Blog

When Aaron Brazell put his blog up for sale, he got a rude awakening of what he was not doing with his blog that would have made his blog more marketable, thus worth buying.

Recently, I started thinking about what I’m not doing with my blog that I should. I do a lot already, and I also am an advocate of organic marketing, natural marketing and viral techniques rather than grasping and desperate. So what more could I do to increase the diversity of those who read my blog, keep readers happy, and continue to be a source for information on blogging and WordPress?

Along with marketing, I think about content constantly. I recently found the huge list of “things to write about on that I made in the weeks after starting the blog as a testing site for , and while waiting to return to the Gulf Coast of the United States and see what ruin Katrina had left behind in our panicked last minute rush to escape. While I’ve written on many of the ideas, there are still a lot left undone.

Should I write on these topics? Would they still be of interest to my readers even though the idea is over two years old? Maybe, maybe not. More importantly, the list reminds me of what I intended to do with my blog that I’m not doing now. Am I off track?

Where did I want to go with my blog? Where did I end up? Where do I really want to be? What am I doing to get there?

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A lot of thoughts run through our heads about what to do with our blog, but change the question. Ask yourself what you are not doing with your blog that you should. The answer might surprise you.

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  • One thing that I’m not doing when it comes to my blog that I really should do more of is spend more time interacting with other blogs, commenting on what they have to say in their posts by posting about it on my blog. Leaving comments on other blogs and really trying to have more of a conversation with my blog.

    That’s the real difference between old media and new media, the interaction, I need to turn my blog into more of a conversation.

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