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What is Fueling Your Blog?

What is Fueling Your Blog?

I want to know what is really fueling your blog?

What keeps you blogging on? What inspires you to keep publishing content on your blog? What keeps you coming back for more?

Is it the blog traffic? Do you hover over your blog stats stressing out when the numbers go down and researching all the different ways you can keep pushing those numbers higher? Do you play with landing pages, blog carnivals, guest blogging, advertising, blog networks, and other ways of making the traffic keep coming in your blogging door?

Is it the writing? Is it the act of researching and finding things to write about that rocks your bloggy world? Does the magic of language enthrall you as you come up with new ways of conveying your message, twisting the words around, playing with the poetry of your vocabulary?

Is it the blog comments, the door to feedback on your blog, that keeps your blogging motor running? Do you love starting a conversation and watching it continue in the comments as people consider what you said and have their say?

Is it the communal nature of blogs, the social if you will, of blogging that works like a magnet on your spirit, bringing you back over and over again to greet old friends and meet new ones through your blog? Do you use all the different social network media that revolves around your blog so you can develop friends and contacts across a wide spectrum or narrow bridge of interests?

Is it the trackbacks and incoming links that get your juices flowing as you feel honored and recognized through the linking process for your work and your expertise?

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Possibly, it’s the creative expression that is so inherent to blogging. You are a publisher, editor, director, producer, writer, photographer, videographer, sound artist, DJ, master of all the publishing arts on your blog. Is the artistry involved in blogging what keeps your enthusiasm going?

Is a blog none of those things to you? What is it that keeps your blog going day after day, week after week, month after month? What makes you come back to blog?

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  • For me, its because I’m the only one saying what I think needs to be said. I hate to admit it, but if someone popped up tomorrow who thought just like me…I’d probably pack it in. Its actually a lot more work than people think.

  • I used to write technology tips and how to’s in our quarterly newsletter which our company provides as a giveaway to our loyal customers. Would you believe I did that for free?

    Now that blogging is in, I can put my passion into good use. I earn and I learn from my blog.

  • Freedom to express my thoughts the way I want it — that’s what drives my blog. Of course I want lot of people to read my blog.

  • One of the main reasons I blog is that I am a communicator – I love to communicate, and especially to make people laugh, understand, think, and sometimes even to emote because of something I’ve written or because of images I’ve posted. I’ve warned my readers that I’m not politically correct!

    Also blogging for me is a commitment – I’ve gone on the record that I *will* post something Monday and Thursday evenings (my time zone).

    Those two reasons always keep me thinking about what to post, and in a sense, it’s self-discipline to put out something that I think is worth the attention of my hundreds of regular readers and not a waste of their time.

  • My motivation for doing so has been up and down quite a bit through the past several years, but in general it most definitely surrounds the writing and being able to express myself where I desire. The visitors and such of course are nice, but definitely not the main reason for me to keep on blogging.

  • I keep writing because I enjoy sharing ideas. I would probably still read news the same way I do but the difference is that I wouldn’t be able to spread my ideas about things as easily. I would still talk to others about it but because my friends don’t care about what I blog about they would just sit there, listen, and then change the subject. With my blog I’m able to rant to my hearts content about any topic I’m interested in. That’s why I keep blogging.

  • I have this strange kind of compulsion to share the things I learn about. I’ve noticed that the more we share with each other, the more we all can grow. I think one of the major keys to positive growth, besides the willingness to change, is the willingness to question the status quo.

    Blogging is a way to share and discuss ideas not found in the mainstream media, not absorbed through fancy advertising campaigns. It’s an amazing, far-reaching vessel for free speech and free thinking.

    And it’s really fun.

  • I love the artistry of it all. Writing, editing, coordinating the various contributions from writers to the site, recording and producing the podcast. Even the current redesign with all of its geeky issues was enjoyable (now that it is almost over! LOL) My blog allows me to be the publisher I deep down always wanted to be.

    But the bottom line for me is being able to showcase for people great music that I have discovered and enjoy. That is why you have to blog about what you are passionate about. I don’t think I could have gone on doing this if I wasn’t passionate about rock and roll.

  • I have learned so much by blogging about a topic I thought I knew a good deal in. In order to keep my post quality high I have to continually learn about the topic (rally racing).

    Traffic boosts and a little narcissism help motivate me too.

  • My passion is nature, herbs and wildlife-gardening. And although the comments I get on my blog do motivate me, it is the simple act of being in my garden, between the native plants that surround me there that really fuel my blogging.

    And the act of telling about those plants, motivate me to learn more about them, and this makes it a ever continuing cycle of ‘teaching’, and wanting to know more myself, and knowing more, and feeling the need to share that knowledge…

  • Hi, Lorelle –

    Your question made me stop and ponder — thanks for the invitation to reflect. This is what fuels my blogging:

    – A passion for my topic.

    – Creative expression that accessible to lots of people.

    – The emails I get from readers, with moving stories in response to a post of mine, great questions, good challenges, and requests that I cover a certain topic.

    – And because I also teach the topic I blog about, blogging helps me process, get clarity, think through hard questions, figure out how to take ideas and make them not only accessibly, but also interesting.

    It’s the latter one that really drives me. What fuels your blogging?

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