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What is Open Source Marketing?

What is Open Source Marketing?

Collaboration was one of the promises of Web 2.0. Many of you may have talked about open source technology and engineering initiatives. But open source marketing? That is a new angle, isn’t it?

We’re talking about a more intangible asset, your brand. And the ability to see that transformed from concept to implementation. That is where you build equity or capital that is worth something — recognition of your product or service and a premium as a result of that.

Think Different

Imagine having a group of experienced professionals all at your service — a team that can get together on a project basis to deliver brand execution ideas. Think how powerful it would be to assemble an ad hoc group of brand programmers and encoders to work on your project and offer insights you would not have had the time and bandwidth to explore.

Thanks to the nature of today’s self publishing world, blogs have become a true destination for marketers. And here’s the revolutionary thought: collaboration is replacing competition in more instances every day. If you did not know already how exchanging ideas and helping each other can help you leapfrog the competition, you have a chance to see it with your own eyes.

Look Who’s Joining your Team

BrandingWire logoThis week, a group of 12 marketing professionals from diverse backgrounds and geographies got together under the banner of a project called BrandingWire. I announced the unveiling of this open source marketing vehicle a few days ago in 12 Views to a Brand: BrandingWire Wants to Take Yours to the Next Level. As I said in my post:

The offering is quite simple: every month, we will focus on one business that needs assistance to take its brand(s) to a new destination. Whether that be growing the company in size, recognition, or business model, this team has committed branding creativity to get you there.

And we mean it. So if you have a business and need help with a branding problem, you may submit a request to the group. Send an email to any member or write a comment to one of our inaugural posts and you will be considered for one of our monthly rollouts.

As in all open source concepts, this too is based on high skill, a tremendous degree of self-directed accountability, and trust. We trust that each of us wants to make you, your project, and the rest of the team shine. And here’s another thought for your consideration: this team was self selected.

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Made Possible By

This initiative is possible because although we all live and work in different areas of the country and the world, we can all plan to be online in the same place. Think of the technology as an enabling tool more than an end in itself.

Many of you, I’m sure, have experienced this already –- you have met like minded people that you really relate to and would like to work with, one day. It is possible to do, today.

The currency in this environment, as in many open source projects, is passion and the desire to make a contribution. No advertisers or big companies have had a hand in organizing this. The value is completely directed by the relationships we are forming with each other and the synergies these projects are creating in the marketplace.

On a parting note I encourage you to read through the posts that proposed solutions to the brand challenge. These marketers are no shrinking violets, many of the ideas are bold while simple to implement. Notice anything else here? They are all widely different. Marketing is alive and well, no echo chambers anywhere here.

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  • Really interesting piece. I’m based in Brighton (UK) and my company web site is just being swapped for a blog..however I am teaming up with blogging/web 2.0 experts/enthusiasts down here and we’re going to companies and giving workshops. We speak on our individual areas of expertise and then there’s a follow up session where the company can in theory pick who they want to develop their ideas with. What we’re trying to do is to introduce organisations to a varied group of interesting people and are trying to put together initial programmes that will really interest them.
    best regards,

  • Welcome to the conversation, Justin. I see that your site is in construction. Is the same “It’s Open”? I’m seeing the sort of model you are arriving to as more prominent among young professionals. I know a group of independents who choose to collaborate “ad hoc” on projects, for example.

    I would be curious to learn how that is working for you. Do some people always get picked vs. others? Is there a time when you also recommend resources?

  • open source government is something I’m exploring, guided by the gang at Wikinomics, though I’ve let that languish too much recently.

    BNI Business Networking International and such groups are an example of open source marketing, or open source PR.

    do you twitter, ms. maltoni?

  • Geoff — thank you for picking up on this. The more I think about applications and ideas for this format, the more I think there’s something there.

    Vaspers — what a nice, scratch that, wonderful surprise to see you here! I am surprisingly low tech these days and I do not twitter, yet. I am a bit familiar with BNI, I should digg more into it. Thank you for suggesting that.

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