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What is the Most Important Blog Quality?

What is the Most Important Blog Quality?

Here is a question for you.

What is the most important quality a blog can have?

Would it be …

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Community
  • Loyalty
  • Expertise
  • Entertainment
  • Profit
  • Search rankings
  • … something else?

David says “Influence“. I think he is on to something.

Why is this an important question? Well the discussion we were having was around the $15million blog and this great WPN article about it.

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Obviously the most wanted properties of a blog have to do with your goals and intentions, but an interesting question nonetheless.

If you had to choose one quality for your blog, what would it be?

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  • Influence arises from reputation which arises from trust.

    The most important foundation a blog can build on is being regarded as a trustworthy source of information.


  • Great questions, Chris. I’ll have to chew on them for a while.

    The most important quality a blog can have … that depends on the purpose and intended audience of the blog. If it’s a celebrity gossip blog, maybe its most important quality is the timeliness and juiciness of its updates. If it’s a private family photo blog, maybe its most important quality is the lasting impact of the photos.

    In many cases I would agree that influence or impact would be one of the most important qualities to measure in evaluating a blog.

    If I had to choose one quality for my blogs, what would it be? Hmm, tough one. Usefulness … uniqueness … actually, I think in my case as one who seeks to make a living by advising others on how to use blogs and new media, the most important quality may be impact – that is, the degree to which they make a difference that the visitor feels and wants to share with others.

    Would love to hear what other people think about this.

  • Very interesting question, Chris. I had to pause for awhile because I think you have already mentioned all the important qualities. But Easton is right that it really depends on the blog. But then, if the blog is made to inspire others I think the best quality is the sincerity of the blogger.

    Although most bloggers want to earn money from blogging, the bloggers should be sincere in sharing information and not just because he want to earn.

  • Hmm. I want us to be respected, which means we need to demonstrate authority – or expertise, to choose one from your list. But, as Easton says, it will be different for others.

    Perhaps the important thing is that the blog owner should have identified the one important thing – for them – so that they know what to work towards.

  • Thanks for your responses all. I agree it has to do with your goals but I think Lucy hits the main point – you have to decide, but how many people do? :)

  • Hi Chris, for me it’s probably some combination of all of the above but the #1 blog quality I strive for is being really, really useful to my readers.

    If I’m useful in some way, whether that’s giving them something to challenge they way they think about stuff, sharing a cool tech goodie or whatever… they’ll probably come back for more.

    Being useful to a very targeted group of people gives them a reason to read, follow and stay in touch with me. In other words, we have a relationship!

  • Entertainment.

    If it’s not entertaining, who’s going to read it?

    If it’s not entertaining, you can kiss all the other listed qualities “goom- by!”

  • That seems interesting. Rather interesting. The best quality a blog can have I believe is that itself, quality. And it is the sum total of various factors. For instance, if the blog has great content, but loads one KB in one second then it’s not gonna have any influence. So, everything is important.

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