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What To Blog About During A Recession

What To Blog About During A Recession

At this point only a dead ostrich could ignore the downswing in the economy. I need not rehash the situation we’re in, but I suggest now might be a good time to evaluate what you blog about, keeping this new reality in mind. I’ve already noticed many mainstream media outlets shifting their content to reflect this new reality.

What’s Out

In the wake of a consumer spending slowdown, content based around expensive consumption won’t be as appealing. We’re headed for the worst holiday season in many years. Real estate blogs – interior decorating, home improvement projects, furniture blogs, all will lose appeal. People with their homes in foreclosure won’t interested in seeing others spare no expense to remodel their kitchen. You may also imagine expensive restaurants among the first things to go in tough times.

But enough about what’s out. Plenty of content will find increased appeal:

What’s in

Frugality: We’re headed toward a “new age of frugality”. Appealing content would be how to stretch the dollar, how to save money, how to do more with less.

Entertainment: During the great depression people still flocked to movie theaters as a way to forget their problems. Other stay-at-home activities like video games and take-out food will surely find increased appeal.

Do It Yourself: Content that empowers the individual to do more with less. Knitting clothes, repairing things yourself, growing your own garden.

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Green: Articles on recycling, reduced energy consumption, and making less impact on the world around you. All are appealing during a recession from the money-saving perspective, but I think more people will latch onto the “green” message during this recession because the lifestyle of wasteful over-consumption may be over – or at least, unaffordable.

Job Hunting: Networking, resume tips, dealing with unemployment.

There’s absolutely no reason why bloggers can’t also ride this recession out and turn it into an opportunity. But it requires honesty about the situation we’re in, and one step is realizing what was popular content during the boom may not be so in a bust.

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  • Well, anyone interested in reading about growing your own food is welcome to head on over to my blog about container gardening!

  • Good one and very true.
    Incidentally there is an interesting website that is specifically dedicated to recession victims.It offers help and discusses all issues related to It’s worth a visit!

  • the Economic recession made a lot of jobless people in my own country. We could only hope that our economy becomes strong again.

  • I think we are also seeing some signs of recovery from the Economic Recession. Of course, we have no idea of how long it will take to completely recover, but some say it’s going to be longer than for the other recessions in decades. I also scanned an article yesterday that said business owners need a new set of tactics to do well during recovery.

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