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What would you do if you were not blogging?

What would you do if you were not blogging?

What would you do if you were not blogging?

Thords post made me think, like Jason Calacanis most of my “non-blogging” would most likely be classed as “almost blogging” so I might as well blog!

Think about it, I wouldn’t abandon the internet completely, that’s just crazy talk!

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  • Twitter – That’s “micro blogging”
  • Facebook – Updating your status is just like Twitter, microblogging
  • Flickr – Blogging with pictures
  • Forums – I would slip into writing long posts, blogging again
  • Email – Again, I can’t see my content being much different

What would you do if you had to stop blogging for some reason?

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  • ACK! I don’t know! I’d still be microblogging as you described above. If that isn’t allowed for this hypothetical scenario…I suppose I’d have to go back to using the..*gag*.. telephone and family/friend/professional grapevine! (and hope someone else blogs my news and opinions! HAHAH!)

  • You forgot phone conversations – it’s like podcasting, podcasting it’s like blogging with sound!
    So if we continue world exists only on blogging – amazing! :D

  • I would probably be working a full time job as a sales assistant in a chemist and that would just be crap. I would hate my life. But I blog as a business strategy so I can become a full time writer

  • I think I will watch Movie and play games if I am not blogging, now blogging is my most important intrerest, if I can be a good full-time blogger, I will be the most lucky man in the world.

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