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What’s On Your Blog’s Monthly Maintenance Schedule?

What’s On Your Blog’s Monthly Maintenance Schedule?

Blog Tutorials wants to make every 13th of the month your Blog Backup Day.

Why the thirteenth? No special reason, really. But since it’s generally considered an unlucky number (especially if it falls on a Friday), it could serve as a reminder that if neglect your backup duties, something bad will happen—to your blog, perhaps?

Brilliant. Just remember to back up your WordPress database as well as all the files on your server, including your WordPress Theme.

This got me thinking about the other things that should be on your blog’s monthly maintenance schedule.

Your Blog Maintenance Schedule

What’s on your blog’s monthly maintenance schedule? Do you even have one? If you want your blog to be at its shiny best, you better create a schedule.

The problem with developing a blog maintenance schedule is that some of these maintenance tasks happen when they are needed rather than on a schedule. Others need to happen on a schedule, but the schedule for your blog may be different than another blog. The more frequently you publish, the more often these tasks may need to be done.

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So what’s on your blog maintenance calendar? How often do you do these tasks? Should you do them more often? Or less often? Why?

How do you schedule them? When they have to be done? On a calendar? When you think about it? Or only when people, like me, remind you?

I’ve written plenty about all the things you need to do to keep your blog in proper working order, but now it’s your turn. What do you do?

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  • My hosting provider does backups of my whole server every night, plus I do a db backup every friday night and a files backup the first friday of every month (ie. actually earlier tonight/last night :)

    My hosting keeps their backups for 24hr, I keep my db backups for a month, and I keep my files backup for 3 months.

    I’m pretty sure that should disaster hit me, I’d be able to get back up and running without more than an hour or two of downtime, loosing nothing more than a single post, at the most.

  • Hmm. I thought that would be obvious, but I guess it isn’t. This applies to ANY link within your blog that is absolute and not relative, not just images. All of those need to be changed to their new location.’s image storage setup makes it difficult to move images as the images are in monthly folders, which are not created through the import. You have to create them manually.

    I’ll look more into this to see what solutions there are to streamlining this. Thanks for the reminder!

    Vox: Backup is important, and it looks like you’ve got that covered, but what else do you do regularly to maintain your blog?

  • Hrm, tough questions.

    I also have automated backups from my host so I don’t do that manually. I do keep up on the latest WP fixes but that’s a catch is catch can proposition, not something that’s regular.

    Really, I can’t say I have a regular maintenance schedule, I guess I should get one fast!

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