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When Not To Post

When Not To Post

The more time I spend blogging, the different angles I find to stay motivated. Lately, I’ve been having no trouble coming up with blog ideas, and have a list of subjects that will last me many months. So I’ve actually spent some thought into when not to post – when an idea isn’t worth writing about.

Here my reasons for when not to write a post:

The subject is highly time sensitive. While a post about a current, breaking event can give you a good, quick traffic boost in the short term, it probably won’t provide much “long tail” traffic over the long term. A blog can benefit from both types of posts, but I’ve found the former to be very exhausting to write day after day over a long period of time. I’ve shifted strategy to blogging for the long haul, and part of that is writing more “long tail” posts.

I have nothing new to add to the conversation.
One subject I cover is technology, so I watch Techmeme hourly to see what other tech bloggers are writing about. Over time, I’ve become aware of a “Techmeme pile up” where many tech bloggers fire off a quick post and link to the top story. Many of the secondary blogs (of which I am a part) tend to reiterate points others have made while a few offer original perspectives. In order to cut through the repetitive noise, it’s often worth it to hold back, and post later with a unique perspective.

The time spent writing that post would take time away from other posts I already have planned. This year, I set up a blogging schedule that provides topics for posts from now until June. As a result, I have no shortage of ideas; instead I have a shortage of time. So any new post idea has to be better than the posts I have planned or it takes time away from writing.

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To sum up, I’m starting to think about what not to write about as opposed to what to write about, and when not to post rather than pushing myself to post as often as possible. This is pretty much the opposite of how began blogging over a year ago.

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  • I good time not to post is simply when you have nothing of value to say.

    Posting simply for the sake of posting diminishes the information value of your blog and wastes people’s time.

    Time is money–waste money–lose l0yalty.


  • Hi,

    Indeed although it’s said that one should post practically everyday, I do think that quality is more important than quantity. That’s what keeps visitors comming back.

    Kind regards,


  • don’t agree with first point : don’t write hight sensitive subject.
    A lot of big blogs like bigbuzz, and other people blogs have thousands visitors a day by writing hot news.

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