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Are You Finding the Cloud Around the Silver Lining?

Are You Finding the Cloud Around the Silver Lining?

For something that is meant to be a fun pursuit, reading blogs can be bloomin’ depressing sometimes!

I don’t know about you but I much prefer to read positive, uplifting blogs, and follow fun, bubbly people on Twitter. Much of the time though I am clicking links through to negative, spiteful, snarky, or just overly grumbly writing – who wants to be seeing moans and complaints on their work breaks?

OK, sometimes we need to air legitimate issues, no problem with that, but it is the sheer quantity that gets to me. And, hey, here I am doing it too! :)

So, with that in mind:

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  • Passion is good – I know sometimes things get heated because you care, or really feel strongly, but do not turn that passion into hate, anger or name-calling – passion when channeled is persuasive, but when misdirected is just a turn-off
  • Take a breath – Sometimes stepping away and focusing on something else puts your topic in enough perspective to provide a balanced report
  • Find the positive and share it – For any down, dreary or negative message, look for a positive angle
  • Feedback rather than criticism – Rather than just say what you don’t like, balance with what you do like, and tips for how to correct the negatives
  • Keep it light – If the topic is not super serious then why make it gray and boring? Sometimes it seems business and finance topics are equated with solemnity which is far from the truth. Business people laugh too!

The good news is the blogosphere could be far more of a downer than it actually is, and the reason it is not I believe has to do with bloggers being mostly natural sharers – who would have thought only a few years ago just how much free knowledge and valuable news would be shared for free by so many people?

Have you any more tips for making a more positive contribution to the blogging world? Please share in the comments …

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  • Some very good points here! If you are always thinking negative then it will be so much harder for you to succeed in anything you want to than if you are positive. Though I really do know how hard being positive can be!

  • Years ago I started doing something in my personal daily journal that has blessed my life ever since. I would try to write at least one positive, uplifting experience or thought or feeling from each day of my life.

    Many bloggers ought to try the same thing – highlight the positive and the light up the darkness.

  • Blog Post after my own heart, thanks! Sometimes I feel myself becoming negative or sardonic, typically when I’m having a bad time, and I don’t feel good about myself. The post might even be really funny, but I don’t want to get laughs like that, anymore.

    This advice applies to all areas, and I swear if you practice it, you will be happier.

    Thanks :)

  • @Shane – Yup, negativity is habit forming, and like attracts like so is a feedback loop

    @Easton – Good idea, thankfulness is definitely an antidote

    @Michelle – Totally, looking for the good helps in all areas of life, especially relationships

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