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WordPress 2.8 Is Out, Upgrade Now

WordPress 2.8 Is Out, Upgrade Now

Matt Mullenweg has announced the release of WordPress 2.8, available for download from as always, but also in your up to date WordPress install by automatic update. If you haven’t followed the beta talk, you’ll note that it is visually the same as the previous version, but a lot faster thanks to code improvement. It also featured a new widget interface that greatly improves the usage, as well as giving themes the same update and install treatment as plugins. Speaking of themes, if you’re one of those mad people who edit them right in the browser, you’ll like the code syntax added to these things. There is also new screen options on a per page basis, and a ton of bugs are ironed out.

As for compatibility, most plugins and themes will work. There’s nothing groundbreaking in the core code department, so you can probably update right away. Get it now, and see the updated Codex page for a more in-depth look on the changes.

Below is the demonstration video from the devblog post:

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  • Hey Thord,
    I upgraded to 2.8 on one of my sites, everything is fine so far, but they went back to the stupid Blue Dashboard theme.
    I kinda liked the 2.7x Gray. They could at least given a choice of colors there.
    Oh well!?!

  • Hey Matt,
    Thanks, that was simple. ;-)
    Maybe a note in the codex would help so people would know the option exists and not be a crybaby like me.

  • The google analytics plugin I was using (from semilogic) didn’t work with this iteration for some reason (it blocked access to the dashboard). I deleted the plugin and installed a different one. (When I did that I realized the sites in question were still using the old analytics code, so maybe that has something to do with it.)

    Not a big issue, just reporting.

  • updated last night but now when I edit a page – it doesn’t do anything – I did the auto update – any thoughts on what could have gone wrong? tried clearing cache and removed any plugins that I thought my be causing the issue.

  • I also note that image galleries made with 2.7’s built in feature are now broken when displayed. They were fine till the upgrade. All posts on my site which had included image galleries now show up fine at the top, but at the bottom of the page the thumbnails are listed in a single column again and the html code of the post is displayed at the bottom of the page. Other posts are fine, and these pages displayed perfectly before the 2.8 upgrade. When viewing the post in the editor, it shows no problem.

  • I was planing to update to WordPress 2.8, but recently few of my clients reported lots of problems like
    Internal server Error
    Broken Permalinks and broken theme issue..
    So for now
    I will wait for some more reviews and issues before I will upgrade my blog to wordpress 2.8

  • widget interface not compatible with e-commerce add-on using 2.8 and can’t see closeups of product pics any longer with e-commerce with this upgrade either. wish I knew how to roll-back.

  • for you photographers, i just upgraded to 2.8 and now i can’t upload a thumbnail like before? help. Also comments i approve are not being displayed anymore. any suggestions, thanks….

  • Um, No. Don’t upgrade now, especially if you have an older theme. Right now, there are scores of WP sites which are broken on the front end, the back end or both. Your readers would be better served if you advised them to wait for version 2.8.1 stable.

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