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WordPress announcements at Web 2.0 Expo

WordPress announcements at Web 2.0 Expo

Matt Mullenweg made two product announcements at the Web 2.0 Expo this week:

The two things I announced at Web 2.0 Expo this morning (I don’t want to tell you how early I got up) were Possibly Related Posts and the Monotone theme.

Matt outlines more about possibly related posts over at the WordPress Blog – it’s a plugin/feature that will likely use information from Sphere in order to associate “possibly related posts” with your own:

In a feature we’re calling possibly related posts we’ll now try to show posts related to yours a little section at the end. If we find any posts on your blog that are related, we’ll put those at the very top and in bold. Next we’ll show other posts from around, and finally we’ll check if there’s anything in the mainstream media.

On the theme front, the Monotone theme is a theme primarily for photography blogs (photoblogs) that will be available soon:

Monotone is a simple yet dynamic theme for photo-blogging. The layout is clean and non-intrusive, but the way it handles images makes each entry unique (and requires no intervention to do so).

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Monotone takes the first image attached to a post and samples colors from it for use in the surrounding layout.

Interesting new additions to WordPress.

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  • I think the Possibly Related Posts plugin/feature will be really nice.
    But another angle to it is avoiding abuse. Dont know how its going to work but isn’t it likely that some guys’ll find a way of somehow using it the wrong way for their own advantage?
    It all depends on the algorithm used to determine related posts in the first place.
    Either ways, its a really nice idea and I’m sure it’ll b e an instant hit

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