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WordPress News: 2.8 Patch Marathon, TalkPress, and Commercializing WordPress Plugins

WordPress News: 2.8 Patch Marathon, TalkPress, and Commercializing WordPress Plugins

WordPress 2.8 Has-Patch Marathon: Jane Wells announced The Super-Awesome WordPress 24-Hour Has-Patch Marathon to attack 500 active tickets on WordPress 2.8. The invitation included developers, hackers, and coders to dig into the code of WordPress and fix all kinds of things and test them from April 16-17. We’re awaiting results of the marathon.

TalkPress: Imagine combining the architecture behind with . The end result is . In a recent announcement on the bbPress blog, Sam Bauers explained that TalkPress is going to be a hosted forum service using bbPress with the HyperDB extension for WordPress to create a style network of bbPress forums. It is currently being tested by corporations such as Time’s site.

Help Test Subscribe to Comments WordPress Plugin: Mark Jaquith is looking for beta testers for his popular Subscribe to Comments WordPress Plugin who are running the latest version of WordPress and have a large number of comment subscribers and are familiar with backups and restores of their WordPress database – in other words, willing to risk their blogs to test the Plugin.

Commercializing WordPress Plugins: In Adding Commercial Intent to WordPress Sites, A Solution For Plugin Developers? Vladimir Prelovac digs into the issue of how WordPress Plugin authors could fairly be compensated for the work and support they put into their WordPress Plugins without breaking the GPL. The idea of a free market for WordPress Plugins has been played with in the past, but he brings up some interesting new thoughts on how it could work to benefit everyone.

iPhones Community Forums: iPhone for WordPress now offers a forum called the WordPress for iPhone Community Forums. News W logoImproving What You Find on Instant Findability was announced by , part of the search engine. The improvements make the process faster and include content in the search results as soon as you publish.

March Stats and News for The March Wrap-Up is out with some more impressive numbers. 389,819 blogs were created and 423,744 new users joined. There were 1,191,390,256 pageviews on, totally 2,309,498,060 total across all WordPress hosted and tracked blogs. Matt’s favorite stat is the word count and 1,456,062,555 words were published in March.

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