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WordPress News: Release Week News, WordPress 2.7.1, BuddyPress, WordPress MU, and More Releases

WordPress News: Release Week News, WordPress 2.7.1, BuddyPress, WordPress MU, and More Releases

It’s Release Week. WordPress 2.7.1 Beta 1 released for testing. WordPressMU updated. BuddyPress Beta 2 released. WP Scanner beta released. releases January stats. Akismet updated and improved. releases more WordCamp videos from last year. Scott Wallick releases his site and the Sandbox WordPress Theme for sale. Kym Huynh of WordCast released from hospital, and does blogging with WordPress suck?

WordPress News

WordPress 2.7.1 Beta 1 Released: The first WordPress 2.7.1 Beta has been released and is undergoing testing. It is a maintenance release with 66 tickets fixed. Expect the final release within the next week or so.

WordPressMU Update Released: WordPressMU 2.7 is now available, the multi-user version of WordPress than runs and other blog networks. This new version includes the latest version of WordPress and a lot of bug fixes. It also includes the exciting announcement that Viper007bond’s admin bar has been added to the core to make it even easier to use.

BuddyPress News: BuddyPress 1.0 Beta 2 has been released and all components and Themes are available for download. Hundreds of fixes have been patched and fixed since the first beta and now will synch up with WordPressMU releases for the eagerly anticipated WordPressMU social media and networking WordPress Theme and Plugins.

Akismet Reports CAPTCHAs are dead: In “Akismet: Make Commenting Easy,” Akismet reports that CAPTCHAs are now officially dead and useless, and cite a report by ZDNet that a quarter of a million CAPTCHAs are easily broken by bot and human spammers every day. Modern comment spam fighting tools, like Akismet and Defensio, do the job without interferring in the interaction between a reader and their comment.

Akismet Reports Stats Accuracy Improved: Akismet reports they have improved the accuracy of their blog reporting stats for counting and tracking blog comment spam. There is no Plugin upgrade required.

Mark Ghosh of reported recently on Google safety and security after suffering from a phishing attack on Orkut, a Google service. Many bloggers rely upon Google products such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Groups, Google Translate, Blog Publishing, and more for their blogs and businesses, and the questions are what if Google goes under, and how good is Google security really?

WordCampTV, part of , has added more videos and audio files to its collection of WordCamp presentations, slides, and interviews. See:

Recent WordCamp presentations include:

Does Blogging With WordPress Suck? In response to a post by Craig Burton that blogging with WordPress sucks, Joseph Scott highlighted some of the issues Craig brought up, and offered tips on how to backup your blog, one of the complains. The ability to export blog posts for backup, and to backup WordPress blogs with Plugins or manually, have been around for a long time. For a simple backup on full versions or blogs, use the Tools > Export feature. For more sophisticated backups, use one of the many different WordPress Plugins that offer backups of not just the database, but Plugins and Themes as well.

Don’t Let WordPress in Your Domain Name: Do you use “wordpress” in your blog’s domain name? This is in violation of the WordPress trademark. If you find a site using WordPress in their domain name, remind them of the trademark rules so they won’t be asked later to remove it. And WordPress is spelled with a capital P is you are using it in your blog posts.

Writing Code in Posts and Comments: In case you’ve forgotten, there is a method to the madness of posting code in posts and comments. Please use the techniques in Writing and Publishing Code in Your WordPress Blog Posts to avoid the frustration of having your code go bonkers when you hit submit on a comment or post, and frustrating the blogger who has to fix your mess.

Last Week’s WordPress Wednesday News: Can’t get enough WordPress news and tips? There is so much news coming out about the latest version, so you can catch up with the past news in last week’s WordPress News: Logogate, WordCamps Everywhere,, BuddyPress, WordPressMU, WordPress Plugin Podcast, and More.

WordPress Fan Blogs and Podcasts

WordCast Podcast: WordCast 44: Blubbery Muffins is the latest podcast by WordCast, featuring guest host, , in for Kym Huynh who is recovering from a bad car accident. Topics discussed include how WordPress saved a city USD $19,000 in web costs, WordPress Plugin Directory reaches 4,000 Plugins, Thank a Plugin Developer Day, launch of Plugins Podcast, Celebrity Pressers Brityn Mykhail, Ford, and LeVar Burton, Mike Arrington taking some time off and blogging celebrity warnings, WordCamps, and WordPress tips, Themes, and Plugins.

WordPress Weekly Podcast: Farewell Keith And Get Well Soon Kym is the 40th episode of the WordPress Weekly Podcast with Jeff Chandler, and this past week says goodbye to co-host, Keith Murray and sends good wishes and a speedy recovery to Kym of the WordCast Podcast. Other topics included news that the All In One SEO Plugin reached one million downloads, WordPressMU 2.7 was released, launches, Thank a Plugin Developer Day, CForms 2 being removed from the WordPress Plugin Directory, WordPress Documentation, and a lot more WordPress news, tips, and information. On Friday, Jeff will be interviewing Scott Wallick, one of the designers behind the popular Sandbox WordPress Theme, about his leaving the WordPress Community.

The WordPress Podcast: Episode 49: WordPress 2.7 released, Oxite, Blog World Expo and New Media Expo to merge, Pownce closes is the latest episode.

Talking WordPress Plugins: The WordPress Plugins Podcast is a new podcast covering WordPress Plugins with Angelo Mandato. Each week, he aims to bring you a variety of interesting WordPress Plugins and interviews with Plugin authors and developers.

WP Engineer: WP Engineer has tips and techniques for using WordPress, including this week’s batch:

WPRecipes: The WPRecipes site offers a daily batch of tips and techniques for using WordPress, and recent posts include:

WPTavern: The recent news from the WPTavern forum includes:

WordPress on Your Calendar

WordPress Events CalendarWordCamp News: WordCamp NOLA changes its dates from March to April. WordCamp Columbus is open for registration. WordCamp New York set for October. WordCamp Denver close to selling out. WordPress Meetups are forming all around the world to bring together WordPress fans. WordCamp Indonesia and WordCamp Whistler resounding successes. WordCamp Paris is this weekend!

WordPress Meetup or WordCamp Near You? If you are putting together a WordPress event, please email me so I can publicize it here. If there is a WordCamp near you, go. If you are interested in setting up a WordCamp, stay tuned for news and information on to bring a WordCamp event near you.

Here are some WordPress-related dates and events to put on your calendar.

February 2009

March 2009

April 2009

May 2009

June 2009

July 2009

October 2009

Upcoming WordCamps not scheduled or confirmed:

Upcoming WordCamp and WordPress Event News

Buy WordCamp T-shirts: The recent WordCamp Las Vegas is selling their surplus WordCamp shirts if anyone would like to add to their WordCamp t-shirt collection. Actually, many are creating a WordCamp t-shirt collection, whether or not they attend the event.

WordCamp Paris: WordCamp Paris 2 is Feb 7, 2009, at La Cantine – Coworking Paris in France. It is the second annual WordPress barcamp event in Paris. For more information, see WordCamp Paris –

WordCampED: WordCamp Education Vancouver 2009 in British Columbia on February 19, 2009, wants your input on the type of sessions do you want at this educational based WordPress event. They have some interesting ideas for topics and want your input. They also have set up the official WordCampEd: Vancouver site.

WordCamp NOLA News: The date for WordCamp NOLA, New Orleans, has been changed from March to April 10-11, 2009. You can follow the news on their site or on their Twitter @WordCampNOLA.

New York City WordPress Meetup News: New York City WordPress Meetup in February features a hot line up of speakers and topics. John LoGioco and Kate Heffernan from Outbrain will talk about building readership, and Michael DiBenedetto of Qwidget will speak on generating audience conversations around your blog’s content. The cost of the event is USD $5 at Mustang Harry’s in New York City on February 17.

WordCamp Denver News: WordCamp Denver is filling up and debating about expanding the event to accommodate the increased number of attendees at the February 28th event. Registration is still open.

WordCamp Columbus, Ohio: registration is open for WordCamp Columbus with the date set for May 16, 2009, at Columbus State Community College in Columbus, Ohio. The Twitter account is @WordCampColumbus.

WordCamp San Francisco 2009 News: WordCamp San Francisco 2009 is open for registration. Some hot speakers are already lined up for the May 30, 2009, event at the Mission Bay Conference Center, including Matt Cutts, Tim Ferris, Philip Greenspun, Douglas Hanna, Tara Hunt, Andy Peatling, and Steve Sounders. This often sells out so get your ticket and arrangements to attend the parent WordCamp event of the year now.

WordCamps and WordPress Meetups Everywhere

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WordPress Plugins and Themes News

WordPress Plugins DatabaseWordPress Permalink Structure and Strategies: Dougal Campbell highlighted conversations on efficient permalink strategies for WordPress from the WordPress mailing lists, in an attempt to understand how to properly structure our blog permalinks to speed up how WordPress process them.

libxml2 WordPress Issues: As reported in past , Joseph Scott and his team have been working on resolving the issues with WordPress, XML-RPC and libxml2. He reports that they now have an updated fix to the issue which is not related to WordPress as much as XML-RPC and libxml2. Check their post for more information, and see Rob Richards with his updates to ext/xml (PHP) and libxml2.

WordPress Security Scanner Updated: BlogSecurity has announced that they’ve upgraded the WordPress Scanner by rewriting and porting it to PHP, XML based testing, and implementing it into WordPress for future expansion and functionality inline with the goal of providing links to WordPress vulnerabilities published on BlogSecurity as they are announced, getting the news to the users faster. It is currently in beta testing and they are asking for help.

PHP Mistakes in WordPress Plugins and Themes? In “Are You Making These 10 PHP Mistakes?,” Nettuts offers 10 tips to help you avoid common PHP errors and mistakes when writing PHP, WordPress Plugins, and WordPress Themes.

Using the jQuery Library with WordPress Plugins: jQuery is now being used by many WordPress Plugins. John Resig offers a video called “The DOM Is a Mess” with tips, techniques, and discussion on the challenges of DOM/JavaScript programming.

Scott Wallick Selling Plaintxt Site and Sandbox WordPress Theme: Scott Wallick is offering for sale his popular site,, and his very popular Sandbox WordPress Theme to move onto new projects. The Sandbox Theme has long been touted as the next “default” WordPress Theme and set the standard high for other Themes to follow with a rich microformats and a powerful CSS framework.

Interesting WordPress Plugins:

Finding WordPress Plugins: For more WordPress Plugins see the official WordPress Plugin Directory, the WordPress Plugins Database, and Weblog Tools Collection Plugin and Theme announcements. News W logoJanuary 2009 Stats: The January Wrap-Up for is in and includes a new WordPress Theme, the launch of , and breaking the 2 billion mark for combined pageviews across all blogs. 372,519 blogs were created, with 393,836 new users, and 553 terabytes transferred the datacenters. Almost 9 million comments were posted across 1.4 million active blogs.

With the recent announcement of LiveJournal closing, many are transferring to They reported 7,111 LiveJournal imports.

There have been three WordCamp events so far this year in Las Vegas, Indonesia, and Whistler, BC, Canada.

Improved Gallery Features Coming to In a blog post featuring photographs, WordPress server guru, Barry Abrahamson let it leak that is working on adding some “cool gallery features” to blogs that are currently found on the Neat! WordPress Theme which add navigation links to the images (next and previous) and a link to take you back to the main post from individual picture pages, increasing gallery navigation and function.

Blog Design Contest on The first blogging design contest has been announced for called “I <3 Blogging Design Contest” co-produced by Infectious. This isn’t a blog web design or WordPress Theme contest. It is a graphic design contest. Design a “why I love blogging and WordPress” graphic design and if yours wins, it could be printed and sold on laptop and iPhone skins around the world through the Infectious store. Let your creative self loose and show the world how you would design what blogging and WordPress mean to you.

WordPress Techniques and Tips

Videos from WordPress.TV is now offering a wide variety of videos to help you learn how to use WordPress and improve your WordPress blog, as well as videos of interviews, WordCamps, and more WordPress news. Here are a few goodies:

WordPress Tips and Techniques: Here are a few more WordPress tips from around the WordPress Community:

WordPress Tips on Twitter: I’ve started sharing WordPress Tips and Plugin suggestions I’ve collected over the past couple years on Twitter at @lorelleonwp. I’ll be posting one WordPress tip and one WordPress Plugin link every morning (PST) covering recent versions of WordPress and WordPress usages and features.

Want Your WordPress Tip Shared Here? The WordPress Community generates some of the best WordPress tips, techniques, and resources. If you would like your WordPress tip and technique included in this list, see Tips For Writing Good WordPress Tips and Writing and Publishing Code In Your WordPress Blog Posts. When its ready, contact me at

WordPress Community News

WordPress Community graphicThings You Need to Know in the WordPress Community:

Past WordPress Wednesday News Reports

WordPress News Sources

If You Are Reading This: If you are reading this blog post NOT on the or from within your feed reader, it is being used against the copyright policy of the copyright owners. Please report it immediately so action may be taken to break some heads and feed scraping blogs.

Each week, the features WordPress News, a weekly column by featuring the news around the WordPress Community. If you have a WordPress news item or tip to suggest, please contact her at this special email address:

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  • Great roundup Lorelle as always, hope your in good health and spirits. Wanted to let you know that the link to the WordCamp Columbus Twitter account is not working.

    Secondly, I made the mistake of reporting Scott Wallicks sale of Sandbox as if he was selling the theme. I’ve been corrected in that the theme has been developed under the GPL license and it costs nothing. It’s also open to being forked with continued development. What Scott is actually selling are the domains and the brand attached to them.

    Thanks for all the mentions going on at the Tavern!

  • Just to add to Lorelle’s comments on the nextgen wp-scanner, we have had over 200 scans since its release earlier this week with little feedback… there is still a fair bit to do but if you have used it please drop us an email so we either hear that’s it working or hear of any improvements that are needed.

    You can find more information about the wp-scanner here.

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