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WordPress News: WordPress 2.7 Released

WordPress News: WordPress 2.7 Released

Mark Jaquith has just announced that WordPress 2.7 is now live and ready for download.

Rumors were flying with the WordPress 2.7 RC2 release announcement and WordPress mailing lists, and now, the official announcement is now out. This version of WordPress is named “Coltrane” for famed jazz Saxophonist, John Coltrane, a favorite of sax playing, WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg.

The official announcement includes a video and information on how WordPress 2.7’s new interace was developed. For more examples, screenshots, video, and information on the new WordPress 2.7 version, see WordPress 2.7 Release News and Links, Countdown to WordPress 2.7 and WordPress 2.7 Hits Thursday, December 4, 2008, and keep an eye on WordPress 2.7 blog posts and coverage across the blogosphere.

The hard work done by all of the development team, especially by Jane Wells who lead the conversion to the new interface, deserves some serious rounds of applause. The new Administration Panels have been through massive testing and trials over the past year and the first responses have been incredibly positive by old and new users.

Upgrade WordPress Now!

Unlike previous versions where it’s a good idea to wait, it is highly recommended to upgrade to WordPress 2.7 now. It is very stable and has been well tested on with more than 5 million blogs over the past week. WordPress 2.7 includes the latest security updates. Once installed, it will notify you for automatic upgrades, making the upgrade process incredibly easy.

If you are using one of the Release Candidates, the upgrade announcement should be on your blog. Follow the extended upgrade instructions. In the past, it was highly recommended that you turn off all WordPress Plugins before upgrading. WordPress 2.7 will automatically put WordPress in “maintenance mode” so this step is no longer necessary.

To upgrade from older versions of WordPress, follow the instructions in the , the online manual for WordPress Users, in Upgrading WordPress. Dependent upon which version of WordPress you are upgrading from, you may or may not have to make changes to your WordPress Theme to accommodate changes in WordPress Theme Template Tags.

If you are worried about whether or not WordPress 2.7 will work with your server, Themes or Plugins, see:

Don’t wait. It is critical that you upgrade WordPress now because:

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Upgrade to WordPress 2.7 now.

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  • I am really excited to finally be using the final product of the 2.7 timeline. It is awesome to see things that were simply ideas just a few months ago turned into reality. Jane, the testers, the community, all are responsible for 2.7 being such a great release. As I see it, 2.7 is the cake, 2.8 will be the icing :)

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