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WordPress Wednesday News: WordPress 2.7 Freeze, WordPress Themes News, WordCamp Bangkok

WordPress Wednesday News: WordPress 2.7 Freeze, WordPress Themes News, WordCamp Bangkok

WordPress 2.7 feature freeze announced. Parent/child WordPress Themes change how Themes will work in WordPress 2.7 – are you ready? WordCamp Bangkok this weekend, Hawaii next weekend. WordPress Weekly Podcast talks SEO. WordCast Podcast talks about influential bloggers and WordPress folks. And more WordPress and WordCamp news.

WordPress News

WordPress 2.7 Development: As of October 14, 2008, WordPress 2.7 has frozen all features to prepare for the first round of release candidate testing. The announcement of the first release candidate should be out any time for those willing to risk their blogs and their lives to test this new version.

Other development news includes canonical URL redirection for feeds, threaded comments allows replying without JavaScript and removed dependency upon jQuery, improvements to the news feeds on the Dashboard as well as allowing easy access to key features and panels in WordPress, improvements in the batch edit posts new feature, and a lot of implementation of the new WordPress Administration Panels interface.

Things You Need to Know About WordPress 2.7: The following are articles and posts with information you need to know for WordPress 2.7 if you are a developer, WordPress Theme or Plugin author.

WordPress Community Passion: Understanding WordPress Community Fanaticism, here on the Blog Herald, talks about the impact WordPress has had on so many people and why the WordPress Community is so passionate about blogging and WordPress. Has WordPress changed your life?

WordCast Podcast: The most recent episode is WordCast 31: Squeak Squeak Squeak! featuring and covered conspiracy theories to the Most Powerful and Influential People in Social Media, along with a lot of entertainment and WordPress chat.

WordPress Weekly Podcast: This past week’s episode of the WordPress Weekly Podcast with Jeffro is called All In One SEO To Go featuring an interview with Michael Torbert (hallsofmontezuma) about WordPress Plugins including his All-in-one SEO Pack WordPress Plugin, discussions on WordPress and SEO, WordPress 2.7 new features, and more WordPress news and information.

Last Week’s WordPress Wednesday News: Can’t get enough WordPress news and tips? There is so much news coming out about the latest version, so you can catch up with the past news in last week’s WordPress Wednesday News: WordCamp News, WordPress 2.7, Lester Chan Plugins Famous, Super Cache Updated.

WordPress on Your Calendar

WordPress Events CalendarWordPress Meetup or WordCamp Near You? If you are putting together a WordPress event, please email me so I can publicize it here. If there is a WordCamp near you, go. If you are interested in setting up a WordCamp, stay tuned for news and information on to bring a WordCamp event near you.

Here are some WordPress-related dates and events to put on your calendar as found on the WordPress Roadmap and the WordPress Meetup Group Listings (subject to change).

Upcoming WordCamps not scheduled or confirmed:

Upcoming WordCamp and WordPress Event News

Podcamp/WordCamp Hawaii Next Weekend: The hashtag and tag for Podcamp and WordCamp Hawaii on Oct 24, 2008, has been announced: #pch08 and pch08. The governor of the state has declared that week to be Hawaii Geek Week as it features a ton of web tech, social media, and blog events.

WordCamp Logos Explored: released an article on Exploring WordCamp Logo Creativity. It looks at the official WordCamp logos and how many WordCamp organizers are creating their own unique and interesting designs, often integrating local symbols and landmarks into the logos.

WordCamp Israel News: WordCamp Israel is November 16, 2008, in Tel Aviv and registration is open.

WordCamp Charlotte Update: WordCamp Charlotte is now open for registration for the November 15 event. Remember that WordCampRDU has been suspended and is now combined with the WordCamp event in Charlotte. Volunteers and sponsors are still being sought.

WordCamp Bangkok, Thailand: The speakers list for WordCamp Bangkok is up for the October 19, 2008, event, and I sure wish I was on that list. It looks like a great WordCamp event in Thailand.

WordCamp Australia News: will be a speaker at WordCamp Australia in Sydney on November 29-30, 2008. Word is that Jane Wells maybe joining him, talking about WordPress 2.7, which should have just been released.

WordCampED News: WordCamp Ed(ucation) is set for November 22, 2008, near Washington, D.C., at George Mason University Center for History and New Media. Registration is open and will include unconference style sessions. The event is free and they will be accepting donations to offset expenses. If you are an educator, edublogger, or work in education, this could be a very exciting WordPress event for you.

WordCamp Denver News: WordCamp Denver 2008 has set their event date for January 24, 2009. They are still working on a location.

WordCamp Argentina News: WordCamp Argentina is in the plans. Stay tuned for more news.

Past WordCamp Events

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WordCamp Birmingham, Alabama: It appears that WordCamp Birmingham was a success. You can find slides from the event speakers on SlideShare and watch the speakers on the Ustream Video of the vent.

WordCamps and WordPress Meetups Everywhere: A WordPress Meetup is a frequent meeting of WordPress fans. A WordCamp is a day or two long event with sponsors and dozens if not hundreds of WordPress fans gathering annually. If you would like to sponsor or host a WordCamp, check out the new official site for tracking WordCamps is WordCamp Central, which includes instructions and guidelines for running a WordCamp. If you would like to start a WordPress Meetup group, find a meeting place and announce it among your friends, and add a listing to the Yahoo Upcoming events for WordPress, as many track WordPress event announcements there. Also, check out the latest WordCamp news from The WordCamp Report.

WordPress Plugins and Themes News

WordPress Plugins DatabaseParent and Child Theme Confusion in WordPress 2.7: With WordPress 2.7 comes a new layer to WordPress Themes: Parent and Child Themes. Traditionally, when WordPress loads a Theme, it pulls it from its Theme directory. With WordPress 2.7, you can have two Theme directories, a “parent” directory which holds the downloaded Theme, and a “child” directory which holds the core changes and modifications of a Parent WordPress Theme. This new layered approach protects WordPress Themes along with the automatic Theme updating and loading. Instead of making changes in the Theme itself, you make modifications in the Child Theme. WordPress looks for information there before it loads the Parent Theme, protecting the core Theme while allowing modifications from the Child Theme. Ian Steward of was interviewed by and explains this thoroughly in
Child Themes in WordPress 2.7 – Part 1 and Part 2. The article also references another by Stewart on the new functions.php for child Themes. Also check out the article by Jacob Santos on the hazards of customizing Themes in WordPress 2.7 and why the Parent/Child Theme technique is a good one.

Interesting WordPress Plugins:

Finding WordPress Plugins: For more WordPress Plugins see the official WordPress Plugin Directory, the WordPress Plugins Database, and Weblog Tools Collection Plugin and Theme announcements.

WordPress Techniques and Tips

Here are some interesting WordPress tips I’ve found as I explore the web looking for WordPress resources:

Want to Write a WordPress Tip and See It Here? If you would like your WordPress tip and technique included in this list, see Tips For Writing Good WordPress Tips and Writing and Publishing Code In Your WordPress Blog Posts. When its ready, contact me at

WordPress Community News

WordPress Community graphicWordPress Logos: The official WordPress logos are available on as are WordPress fan art featuring variations on the WordPress logo and artwork.

Things You Need to Know in the WordPress Community:

Past WordPress Wednesday News Reports

WordPress News Sources

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