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The 7 Most Vexing Would You Rather Questions for Bloggers

The 7 Most Vexing Would You Rather Questions for Bloggers

“I’d rather have a blog in front of me than a frontal loblogomy.” – who knows? (Aaron?)

What’s blogging without a little ambivalence?

Without further ado, we present to you the 7 most frustrating “Would you rather?” questions, blogging style.

1. Would you rather the worst blog post you’ve ever written stay on the front page of Digg for a week or the best blog post you’ve ever written get zero Diggs?

There’s no such thing as a dumb WYR question. Right?

2. Would you rather have the last 30 seconds of your life or the first 30 seconds shown on video via your blog?

I guess it depends on how well the world knows your mother.

3. Would you rather blog exclusively about blogging or not blog at all?

Navel-gazing vs. having no navel. You do have one, don’t you?

4. Would you rather have the ugliest blog design and the best content on earth or the most beautiful blog design and the lamest content?

Hang on. Are you sure?

5. Would you rather that your blog be featured on Oprah every day for a week or linked to at the Google homepage for one hour?

No screeching legions of fans available with the Google option. Not sure if that’s appealing.

6. Would you rather have the most popular blog in the world but no blog revenue or the most profitable blog but no fans?

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Love vs. Money. Hmmm.

7. Would you rather stop breathing or stop blogging?

Warning: If you’re not sure, try the second one first.

Your Turn

Got a “Would you rather?” blogging question you’d like to share?

Would you rather post it in the comments below or at your own blog? ;)

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  • Would you rather live in a hypothetical world with no reality or in the real world with no hypotheses?

    Easton, several of your questions were like mine – neither choice was desirable or even possible! :-)

    As George Carlin asked, “What if there were no hypothetical questions?”

  • Would you rather be paid good money to write for a blog with no community, no comments and no discussion or would you rather cultivate your very own active community even though it might not be raking in the bucks?

    Fun post.

  • This is a question am facing at the moment. Would you rather have a moderately successful blog with a functioning community or publish your best writing in a book? It seems it’s one or the other at the moment.

  • Thank you all for answering and adding your own thoughts and WYR questions.

    Rob, that’s very deep. I’ll have to ponder it. :)

    Paul, great example – and tough question. I say go with your gut, full speed ahead, and ask your blog readers if you’re off course. They tend to be right.

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