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5 Best Writing Tablets on Amazon

5 Best Writing Tablets on Amazon

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In today’s world writing is more accessible than ever before. Technology can streamline your document sharing between devices making it possible to put pen to pad any time inspiration hits, and then have that idea waiting for you whenever you return to the home base with your writing tablet, where you sort all that inspiration out.

However, just as the cloud has made the possibility for integrated cloud writing possible, there is now technology that brings that home base to a slightly more mobile format. And while it may not be able to cast the exact same ambient tone, it brings all the functional capabilities into the scope of possibility. And supplant your ambient space anywhere you are able to reach.

Here are the five best writing tablets on Amazon:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

One of the most highly-rated tablets on Amazon. It has a 12.4” screen complete with a full-color ratio. The device comes in four different colors – black, silver, green, and pink. It can be attached to a keypad case for easy typing accessibility. Additionally, it comes with a pen for more fluid writing on the touch screen. The tablet currently comes in both 64GB and 256GB options. Has general app functionality.

Amazon Fire 10 Tablet

This 10.1” tablet holds up to 12 hours of nonstop usage. A respectable 32 GB or 64 GB storage option, with an additional 1TB option with a microchip that is sold separately. It features a 1080-pixel screen. It boasts general app functionality. The “Hands-Free Alexa” feature is operable on this device. And yes it comes in (a self-listed) black, “olive”, “lavender” and “denim.”

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

Nearly double the price of the next highest option, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ features a 12.4” screen at 2800×1752 pixel max resolution. It features the welcome addition of a 4K camera built into the hardware. Beyond this many features are the same, with it being operable for working, writing, and even gaming. The colors are graphite, pink-gold, and silver.

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Apple 10.2” iPad

It is an Apple iPad that has a screen that is 10.2” Only slightly more expensive than all other tablets, it does feature a camera, at a rate considerably cheaper than the preceding option. Like other devices on this list, it features general app usability and functionalities. It does however offer worse, albeit slightly, resolution at 2160×1620 pixels. The storage capacity sits at either 64 GB or 256 GB. It can be purchased in silver or space gray.

Amazon Fire 8 Kids Tablet

Sitting as only the second cheapest resident tablet on this list, the Amazon Fire 8 possesses an 8” screen and comes with a protective case, alongside an, even more, protective 2-year warranty. It has 64GB inherent with the 1TB separate microchip option. Its battery life extends 13 hours- over half a day of fun. It has full capabilities, yet an easy-to-use Parental-control set lets the parent dictate what apps can be downloaded. It comes preset with 1 year of Amazon Kids+ a “
“digital solution” intended to help focus, kids’ learning. The subscription will automatically renew a $4.99 monthly subscription after the first year. The colors are blue, Disney Mickey Mouse, Disney Princess, and purple.

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